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Get Your Desktop Vaporizer at Smokea

 Get Your Desktop Vaporizer at Smokea

For a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods, many people have turned to vaping to meet their needs. No matter what form of substance you enjoy (whether it’s dry materials, oils, or e-liquids), you are sure to find a vaporizer to use your product with. Most people enjoy the convenience and portability of vaping pens, but some occasions and circumstances warrant the use of a desktop vaporizer.

Desktop vaporizers hold more product than pens and sessions can last longer, as pen batteries sometimes drain quicker than we would like. Desktop units are useful for sharing with friends, or just for an alternative single person method. These units can be pricey, but you won’t have to replace internal parts as much, like you might with a pen. Desktop vaporizers may need whip and mouthpiece replacements after heavy use. Although desktop vaporizers may look similar, they differ in function and included accessories. Take a look at the different features of the desktop vaporizers we currently offer below.

Arizer — This brand comes in two designs. The first is the V-Tower, which is a basic and inexpensive desktop model that uses a whip for drawing the air through the machine and up toward the mouthpiece. It has a digital temperature display and allows the user to preset an automatic shut-off time for easy use. As desktop vaporizers go, this one is simple, effective, and easy to use for beginners.

The second design is the Extreme Q, which includes both a whip and a balloon bag for inhalation. Users can also decide between direct draw or forced air with the whip attachment. This unit includes a remote for adjusting the temperature, powering it on and off, or changing the light settings. Users can also adjust all of these functions on the unit itself. This design specifies that it is for dry material only.

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Plenty by Storz and Bickel — The first thing you will notice about Plenty is its shape. It has a more hand-held design than traditional desktop vaporizers, which makes it easy to pass around in group settings. Instead of a plastic whip, this unit includes a more durable stainless-steel whip that also cools the vapor before inhalation. Users can vaporize dry material as well as extracts and liquids with the liquid pad attachment. This device is all-inclusive, so it comes at a higher price point than the previous basic designs. However, it is still a more affordable option than many desktop vaporizers.

Volcano — Volcano vaporizers are easily the most widely known for being high-quality and dependable machines. However, they are also one of the most expensive brands. When you see their features and attachments, you’ll know why. The Volcano Digit model features a digital temperature display, while the Volcano Classic includes a standard dial temperature setting knob. Both use heat and forced air to fill balloon bags for inhalation and are compatible with concentrates and oils. The Volcano Classic also includes a liquid pad, screens, and a cleaning brush for ease of use.

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Although desktop vaporizers are much more expensive than their pen and portable counterparts, they offer more high-quality vaping sessions and are perfect for vaping in group settings. For the benefits they provide, they are pieces that all serious vapers should definitely save up for.

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