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high-quality blunt wraps
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Peelz Fruit Blunt Wraps - Blackberry (3-Pack)

Peelz Fruit Blunt Wraps - Blackberry (3-Pack)

Peelz Fruit Blunt Wraps - Raspberry (3-Pack)

Peelz Fruit Blunt Wraps - Raspberry (3-Pack)

Peelz Fruit Blunt Wraps - Strawberry (3-Pack)

Peelz Fruit Blunt Wraps - Strawberry (3-Pack)

Zig Zag Flavored Blunt Wraps (2-Pack)

Zig Zag Flavored Blunt Wraps (2-Pack)

14 variants available
167 reviews
Zig Zag Natural Leaf Rough Cut Cigars (2-Pack) Natural

Zig Zag Natural Leaf Rough Cut Cigars (2-Pack)

4 variants available
8 reviews
Zig Zag Hemp Blunt Wraps (2-Pack) Natural

Zig Zag Hemp Blunt Wraps (2-Pack)

4 variants available
20 reviews
Karma Hemp Blunt Wraps (2-Pack) Purple Chill

Karma Hemp Blunt Wraps (2-Pack)

4 variants available
13 reviews
$0.79 $0.99
High Society Primo Broad Leaf Tobacco Wraps (6-Pack) Natural Sweetleaf

High Society Primo Broad Leaf Tobacco Wraps (6-Pack)

8 variants available
Juicy Natural Hemp Flavored Blunt Wraps (2-Pack)

Juicy Natural Hemp Flavored Blunt Wraps (2-Pack)

6 variants available
53 reviews
Futurola x Tyson Ranch 2.0 Terpene-Infused Blunt Wrap

Tyson 2.0 x Futurola Terpene-Infused Blunt Wrap

9 reviews

What are Blunt Wraps? 

First of all, let’s talk about what a blunt is. 

You see, a legit blunt is a cigar that’s been emptied and re-stuffed with ground-up herb flower. Whereas the blunt wrap is the outer paper used to hold the blunt together. 

Essentially, the outer wrap of a cigar was the first blunt wrap.

That said, the history of blunts and their origins are still a bit murky. But what we do know is that the act of breaking open a cigar and re-stuffing it with fresh herb got its start in America in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Blunts were very popular in the hip-hop industry. Many early big-name hip-hop artists would often reference their blunts in their songs. We’re talking about Big Daddy Kane, Redman, and many others. 

Now, you’re probably wondering… 

What is a Blunt Wrap Made out of? 

Given that a blunt is just a repurposed herb-filled cigar, traditional blunt wraps are made using tobacco. 

So if you’ve ever wondered, “Do blunt wraps have tobacco in them?”… The answer is that most of them do. And it’s a genius invention if you ask us. 

You see, manufacturers wanted to create a rolling paper that maintained the flavor and texture of the traditional cigar blunt. 

So they developed a way to use either whole or pulped tobacco leaves to create that same consistent flavor and smoke experience when rolling your herb of choice. 

But now, you’re probably wondering… 

How Much Tobacco Is in a Blunt Wrap? 

It depends on the length and size of the pre-roll blunt wrap. 

For example, when looking at how much tobacco is in a Swisher wrap, you’ll notice that they contain 3.1mg of tobacco. 

However, we want to mention that not all blunt wraps contain tobacco. 

Here at SMOKEA®, we offer an assortment of tobacco blunt wraps, hemp leaf wraps that are tobacco-free, and a bunch of flavored wraps for you to choose from. 

What can we say? We have diverse tastes. And we like offering you variety, especially when it comes to taking your blunt wrap game to the next level. 

But we get it. Knowing what you know about tobacco, you’re probably wondering… 

How Much Nicotine Is in a Blunt Wrap? 

The answer: Anywhere between 1.2 to 6 mg of nicotine. Just enough to give you that nice herb and tobacco combo.

A cigarette, on the other hand, contains anywhere from 8 to 20mg of nicotine. 

As you can see, tobacco blunt wraps contain significantly less nicotine than a single cigarette. 

Nevertheless, nicotine is still present in tobacco wraps. This means if you aren’t used to the effects of nicotine, or you prefer to steer clear from it altogether, then you’ll want to try other flavored wraps or hemp leaf wraps that are tobacco-free. 

At SMOKEA®, we carry a diverse selection of blunt wraps that are made with and without tobacco. And they’re created by the finest brands in the industry, like Zig Zag, Juicy, Karma, and more. 

Now, speaking of blunt wraps that are tobacco-free, let’s elaborate a little more on… 

What are Hemp Wraps? 

As you may have guessed, a hemp wrap contains the organic plant material of hemp. 

They're usually thinner and flatter sheets of paper that are 100% tobacco-free, which makes them a perfect alternative to traditional cigar wraps.  

They’re made by processing the hemp plant fibers into a paste. Then, once the paste has dried, the manufacturers will press it into thin sheets. 

Many of our customers report that the texture of hemp leaf wraps falls somewhere between rolling papers and regular blunt wraps. This means it can be a bit tricky when learning how to roll hemp wraps — especially if you aren’t accustomed to that kind of plant material.

But we assure you that rolling hemp wraps are very similar to rolling regular blunt wraps. 

Sure, the hemp wrap is thinner. But with a little extra care, you essentially use the same technique you would when rolling a blunt wrap. 

Here’s a Quick Guide for Learning How to Roll a Wrap

  1. Start by grinding up your herb.
  2. Flatten your hemp wrap on a tray or table.
  3. Place your herb on top of the hemp wrap.
  4. Gently tuck the hemp wrap over your herb. 
  5. Roll the hemp wrap between your fingers. This helps to pack your herb evenly throughout the hemp wrap.
  6. Lick or add water to the folded edges, securing any gaps that may be opened.
  7. Light it up and begin your smoke!

This quick guide can also help if you're wondering how to roll a Royal blunt wrap, or if you're wanting to learn how to roll a blunt wrap with Entourage — both of which are different types of blunt wraps. 

And don’t worry if you mess up the first time. The beauty of both hemp and regular blunt wraps is that they usually come in blunt packs. So you can afford to mess up a few times until you get it right. 

But if you’re looking for a quick tip, consider using either larger or even longer blunt wraps. 

Sometimes having that extra wrap can make all the difference. Heck, you can even use huge blunt wraps if you so desire!

Now that you know how to roll cigar wraps and hemp wraps, you’re properly wondering… 

What Are the Best Blunt Wraps?

There are a ton of blunt wrap brands on the market today — a whole heck of a lot more than just a few years ago. And all of the brands out there claim that they have the “best” blunt wraps or custom hemp wraps in the industry. 

But the way we see it, determining which wraps are best is largely based on your personal preference. 

For starters… Are you interested in traditional tobacco blunt wraps? Or do you prefer a hemp wrap that’s tobacco-free? There are also flavored blunt cones that you might want to consider (which are simply pre-rolled blunt wraps shaped like a cone). They’re convenient to stuff and super easy to seal. 

Speaking of flavors… We’ve mentioned flavored blunt wraps a few times now. But we haven’t gotten into the details of the many different blunt wrap flavors available. 

Blunt Wrap Flavors Include (but aren’t limited to) the Following

  • Raspberry 
  • Cherry Vanilla 
  • Black N’ Blueberry 
  • Mango Papaya 
  • Strawberry
  • Tropical Passion 
  • White Grape
  • Orange 
  • Peach 
  • Pineapple 
  • Dragonberry 
  • OG Purp 

Blunt brands have even created coffee-flavored blunt wraps for all those coffee fans out there. Pretty cool, right? 

Now, some blunt users may not like the idea of flavored blunt wraps, especially when combining them with fresh herb. 

However, there’s been a shift in the blunt market that suggests using flavored wraps enhances your overall blunt smoking experience. 

But again, it’s all a matter of your own personal taste. Hence the reason why we offer a variety of different smoke and herbal wraps on our online SMOKEA® shop. 

Now speaking of blunt shops, let’s look at… 

Where to Buy Blunt Wraps

Blunt wraps can be found primarily at head shops, smoke stores, and dispensaries. 

But be careful: Not all blunt shops offer high-quality blunt wrap brands. This is also true if you’re wondering where to buy hemp wraps. 

It doesn't matter what kind of blunt wrap you want, if you’re buying your blunt wraps from shady brands or not-so-legit establishments, chances are you’re not going to achieve a good smoke experience. 

Here at SMOKEA®, we offer everything from tobacco cigar wraps to tobacco-free hemp wraps, and of course, an assortment of flavored blunt wraps. 

And the best part… All of the blunt wrap brands we feature on our site use the highest quality ingredients to create their unique blunt flavors and other, more rare blunt wrap products. 

This fact alone is incredibly crucial when answering the question: Are blunt wraps safe to smoke? 

You see, as a reputable online headshop, we’re not ones to cut corners. We take our smoke inventory very seriously, especially when it comes to the smoke wraps we feature on our site. 

This is why we put a lot of care into selecting only the finest and most reputable smoke brands in the industry. 

In other words, we focus on high quality, variety, and affordability. 

This brings us to… 

How Much do Blunt Wraps Cost? 

Blunt wraps are incredibly affordable, especially if you opt for buying blunt wraps in bulk. 

However, the blunt price varies depending on a few factors:

  • Where do you buy them?
  • The blunt wrap brand.
  • How many wraps do you want?
  • The type of wraps you choose to buy.

Keep in mind that higher-priced blunt wraps don’t necessarily mean better quality. If you stumble upon a box of wraps that tend to be priced on the higher end, double-check to see what other blunt users have to say about that particular blunt wrap brand. 

The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on boxes of blunt wraps that aren’t high quality. 

We recommend you stick with top blunt brands like Zig Zag, Juicy, King Palm, Karma, RAW, and Higher Standards

These reputable brands take extra steps to ensure that their hemp and blunt wraps are created with their customers in mind. And lucky for you, we feature every single one of those brands on our SMOKEA® site. 

Once you know what type of blunt wrap you’re interested in, and which brand you want to buy from, you then need to determine how often you plan to roll blunts. 

As we mentioned a moment ago, buying blunt wraps in bulk is going to save you a ton of cash in the long run. This is especially true if you opt for buying bulk blunts online. 

We’re not joking! Regular blunt wraps or even hemp wraps in bulk can come in handy if you’re an avid blunt user. 

Because let’s face it… Heading down to your local 7-Eleven and buying a cigar to create your custom blunt can get pretty pricey. 

That said, if you’re looking to save some money on blunt wraps or hemp wraps, we highly encourage you to buy hemp wraps online, as well as other wraps online. 

You see, online headshops (like yours truly) offer you better deals and you can buy more affordable blunt wraps in bulk.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to learn how to start a blunt wrap company to find a good deal on larger quantities of blunt wraps for sale. 

We’re happy to provide you with loads of blunt packs at an affordable price. All you have to do is visit our SMOKEA® online store and explore our very large collection of high-quality smoke wraps.  

But if you’re wondering, “Where can I get blunt wraps near me?”... The answer is at your local smoke shops, dispensaries, and even certain gas stations. 

But keep in mind that the selection may not be that great. But hey, we get it. Sometimes you’re in a bind and you need a blunt wrap ASAP. 

That’s why it’s always good to have a few extra blunt packs lying around. And if you’re concerned about price, you’re not going to find a better blunt sale than when you opt for legit blunt shops like SMOKEA®. That’s just the truth. 

And speaking of saving money…  

SMOKEA® Offers a Pretty Dope Rewards Program 

Every time you shop with us, you earn “tokins”, which can be used to receive future savings through discounts and even free products. With every dollar you spend, you receive 10 tokins.  

And believe us, it’s not hard to accumulate tokins, especially considering our large collection of blunt wraps and other smoke accessories and products. 

We have something for everyone: 

But you don’t have to buy something from us to receive money-saving deals. We also reward our devoted customers with points when they simply leave product reviews, share on social media, or refer their friends and family to our SMOKEA® site. Hey, a family that rolls together stays together! 

In other words, we’re your one-stop shop for all your smoking needs. Hey, they don’t call us “The World’s Best Online Headshop” for no reason. 

That’s because we put a lot of time, attention, and care into meeting the needs of our customers. And that includes educating the masses on smoke accessories and other consumable smoke products. 

So whether you’re looking for something blunt wrap specific, like… Where to buy cyclone blunt wraps? How to roll herbal wraps? Or how much do Zig Zag wraps cost?... SMOKEA® has you covered! 

And if you really want to save, stock up on blunt wraps and hemp wraps in bulk. We offer free shipping on all USA orders over $10 (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). And don’t worry, our shipping is always discreet, so mum’s the word.  

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our wide selection of blunt wraps today. And while you’re at it, check out our other smoke products and collections. Because no matter how you roll, SMOKEA® is here to meet all your smoking needs.