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Customer Reviews

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This product was a great buy for a cheap price


Good finish, great function

Awesome pipe

Gotta have perfect little pocket pipe and can be packed and hold nicely..

It's an excellent steamroller for the price hits hella good.

These will never go out of style for me

Keep these in stock please, I still love some old-school screenage!

Steady as always

It's RAW. nuff said.

Classic GRAV

Pinch size is a little awkward, no option for a screen so a lot of bud can pull through, super quality though

Classic Grav 5/5 can't go wrong

I use a little smoking screen in this anyway b/c it fits PERFECT, big bowl, beauty

Deserves its name

Just don't let the built in screen get gunky - otherwise this thing puuuuuulls for its size!!

Best bubbler ever!

I use this multiple times daily, so obv I just wish the charge lasted a bit longer, but I'm in love w/ this thing. Can't recommend enough.


Hits hard, easy to clean, good charge, love itttt


This small vape pen works so well. And I’ve had the davinci it was very nice and beautiful but so very expensive. I couldn’t afford to keep it and enjoy the top self flower that I have come to need. So something had to give. I found this affordable vape. It works just as good as The davinci in my book. And for nearly 4x cheaper. Go with this if your a flower snob like myself. You won’t be sorry you did.

Smaller than a credit card

Make sure you realize just how small this thing is. Perfect for carrying three carts. But not much more.

Glass Screens

Nice little glass screens wokrs perfeclty i recommanded

Very solid not cheap and thin and hits like a champ

Fantastic bat, good dugout

Received in the mail on time and undamaged.
The container is beautiful, fits the bat and cleaning rod snugly, and the herd storage stores enough for about 3 people to have a good time. All in a smooth forum factor, that fits nicely in both the hand, and the pocket.

The one hitter is fantastic, the smoke is smooth and cool, the metal acting as a fantastic heat sync, and feels good in the hand.
The cleaning rod fits snuggly, allowing for easy cleaning between hits, and for storage.

The dugout is great, nice shape and size, and the duel chamber design is cool, and more sturdy and smell proof than you would think.
However, if you fill it more than half full with herb, it can easily get packed down, making it difficult to get the last bit out, either for consumption, or to prevent from combining strains.

Dugout 8/10
Bat 10/10

If you're r considering this, buy it, if you're just looking for a great one hitter, see if you can buy Jane West Solo One Hitter

Your search ends here

Not sure if it's actually 9mm. It seemed thinner than the one it was replacing, but the O-ring compensates. At the end of the day it's pretty good and does what it needs to do well. If you're looking for a replacement downstem, this is probably the best you'll find.


What a cool piece of glass. Smoooooth nice hits, and the bowl clip is definitely a positive.


Adding to my glass. Love my GRAV.

Great glass.

Just what I needed and can't go wrong with GRAV.


Nice heavy thick bowl. Well worth the money.

Awesome little piece.

Keeps your bowls clean and fresh tasting.

Awesome little piece.

Gotta love the compactness.


Great bowl.

Awesome little piece.

Loved it so much I bought another one.