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Customer Reviews

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Just what I was looking for!

These small grinders are definitely worth it. Personally I prefer a small one like this because it grinds finer than the bigger ones. And they're perfect for slipping into a bag or pocket or anywhere really to take with you. The only down side is bigger buds pose a problem with this size.

The Ryot wooden bats are smooth and definitely hold enough for more than one hit. Perfect for on the go! And the wood definitely enhances the flavor. I recommend a wooden bat over an aluminum one.


ive been a big fan of zigzag for years! i was wound up tighter than paw-paws guitar string when i found out that they sold cones. flavor is excellent, burn is excellent. i LOVE this wrap!

Great! as expected

RAW is my go to for everything roll up! tobacco, hemp flower, you name it. RAW is just hands down THE BEST around. my biggest gripe is that they do tend to burn unevenly with shake/trim, but thats to be expected with such a thin liner, not that big of a deal, i will ALWAYS order more!

Smokes good, not alot of flavor

I was extremely surprised with this wrap! it smoked pretty slow and definitely pretty even overall, even when im using hemp flower trim/shake. my only gripe is that the flavor wasnt that strong, very background, might have to try the actual blunt wraps out and see how that goes!


Amazing bowl!!! I really like the built in screen I just wish the holes were a tad bigger. But she still ripppsss!!!

Best vape pen on the market


Must have for Potter Fans! Bit bigger than I was expecting, but not disappointed. Does glow in the dark!

cheap screens

they fall apart or melt after just a few uses


Great size, great price... 👌

Broke after 9 days

Thought I was gonna like this lightweight slim roller, even though the bowl is too large for my preference. Would be better about half as big, would make lighting much easier. It did give a good hit and I was getting used to it. Unfortunately I knocked it on my HAND to get the ash out and the bowl broke off, after only 9 days of use. Guess it's a bit too lightweight. Maybe Smokea will replace? I'll try to contact them.

Glowfly Glass Roller

Like the feel and hit I get from this roller. Would prefer the bowl was a bit smaller, would be easier to light single hits. Only negative is that I can't run a paper towel through it when cleaning/drying. I'll keep looking for an easy to clean glass roller with a small bowl, but I can say this is the closest I've come so far.

Best price on a carb cap

Works just as it should, can't beat the price. Easy to clean/unbreakable silicone material.

Best price on a keychain one hitter

For the price you can't go wrong. Put one on your keychain and you are never without a way to smoke your herbs.

Best little one hitter

This is a must have one hitter for travel/outdoor events. Perfect size for discreet rips, easy to clean.

Will definitely be ordering another one!

Excellent portable and discreet silicone/glass hybrid pipe. Hits like a champ, really like the silicone cover to keep my herbs in place and greatly reduce the smell in my pocket.


When i got it in and opened it up wow breath taken beautiful. Smokes as nice as she looks.

great product

awesome pipe arrived very quickly....easy to clean it

Way easier to have this cool u it...have a puff and go.
Storage side is wicked and easy to clean with the metal stem.
Love it😊

Not bad for the price.

The slide was a little too snug fitting, but was an easy fix.

Love this

I love this pipe. I was looking for a good single hitter and found a great one. It rips super clean and is light weight.


Great deal!

Great tool

Perfect for what I needed.