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Customer Reviews

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Nice bong for the money!! Works great very nice..

Very Good

I love it I just have 2 minor thing I do not like. The first was the tacky sticker however that was easily removable. And number 2 was the metal piece that you put the product into looks like it has a twist option for additional attachments but I can't find any at all on this site and I wonder if maybe it was made with the wrong part because even the replacement parts are smooth. Other that tjat I loved this thing!

The pipe that can't break

This is my second ice pipe that I have I purchased my first one in Colorado and enjoyed it so much that I purchased a second one's through the mail here about 10 days ago the ordering was easy and simple it came in three days I enjoy having the compartment underneath the bowl and the pipe cleaner that is molded in underneath the stem to sum it up it's a nice bike and works well for the price it's very good deal

9mm bat

Love my bat. Would have like a bigger size but most of the larger ones had like a glass ball on the side. Perfect to conceal and can get about 3 or 4 good rips off it.

Good price, just what it says

Good stuff

Happy I purchased this to clean my silicone bong

Nice bubbler

Nice bubbler. Was a little bigger then I was expecting but works well and the hole isnt too big to let it fall threw


I've had two of the 6 inch sherlocks for a while now and they are great pipes. But this 4 inch version is the perfect size for my nightly solo sessions, and it's a great smoker. Looks cool too! I plan to collect all 11 color variations.

Awesome Silicone Bong

I lost count of the number of glass bongs i have broken accidentally. This silicone bong is not only durable but seems to smoke easier than any glass bong ever used! My ONLY complaint is the water resevoir is small. I like to put ice in this bong but like some of the reviews before, when the ice melts don’t forget to dump some water. The removeable compartment on the bottom is quite handy but does take some of the needed space away from the water resevoir. Despite this small issue this bong still gets 5 stars! Highly recommend this product as well as highly recommend Smokea!


This piece is 100% a worthy buy due to its low price and amazing hit and volume capacity especially on a budget one of the best pieces on the site.

worth its price

This is a great piece and is worth its price smooth and worth the buy if you are on a budget and need a piece

Reliable Insurance

I always get this insurance when purchasing off this website because it’s great and never had any problems!

All around great piece.

This bong is great for the price! It has very thick glass and didn’t disappoint whatsoever.


I love it! I was surprised it was as big as it is, but it works perfect! The glass is super thick....great quality!


Love my football pipe, perfect size to hold in your hand and smoke with ease. Great little piece added to my collection.

Great deal and quality quartz

Got 2 bangers a 10mm and 14mm for $10 you can't beat that especially when the quality of the courts is as good as it is

Blast from the past.

If you want a tough durable bowl, this is it. Great finish on the steel. Nice finishing touch with the gaskets between sections. Hits great, and you have lots of room in the chamber.


Great steamroller. Good seals on both ends, and the thickness of the acrylic is better then I expected.


I love this glass blunt. It hits good and came in a nice tight bubble wrap and in a timely manner. No complaints here


Short and fat. Just like my ex wife. And it hits just as hard! A real trip down memory lane....

But seriously, the aggressive teeth look like they would do good for getting at the bottom of a compressed dugout. Can't find my dugout so don't know for sure but I am very seldom wrong in these matters.

high quality

Really great product. No p8cture bit it 8s exactly as pictured in the stock photo. Exactly as deceived and very high quality parts that are getting harder to find in brick and mortar shops, and most online sources settle nickel plated zinc or other inferior materiel. Very satisfied with the product and the price. I got this originally to break down for parts but it has earned its place in the rotation.

high quality

These pieces are made of premium quality parts.
They have o-rings in all the right places though the tolerances of the machining are such you don't necessarily need them. Not sure where these ate made but they are orders of magnitude better than anything I've found on any site (since the apparent demise of 420mercantile) or my (poor quality) local shops.

Sorry no pictures but it came and was identical to the stock photo on the page. Perfect representation of the product.

Rolling Machine

Still trying to figure it out, but much easier than the old fashion way.

Very Authentic

Really like it


These are Very nice and just the right size.
High quality and colors!