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Doesn't get any easier than this one!!!

I only use water bongs, and that can be a challenge when traveling...but with this beautifully designed pipe and a small amount of water, you can have the benefits of a water bong without any connecting pieces! It's simply genius, and my new go-to!!!

Get Hammered!

Amazingly smooth hitting hammer bubbler! This bad boy bubbles in a way that reminds me of a fish tank. The matrix percolator is absolutely killer, producing a continuous stream of bubbles. An extra large bowl means you can pack 'em heavy, be sure to use a glass flower screen. There's a reason why this is always sold out, it's an excellent value for a sweet top-shelf bubbler.


I adore this pipe it hits hard but smooth and clean. The perfect size in my opinion and the color was so cute- lake green!


Love it so well made. Great price, but again as a collector I understand quality. It’s a joy that Companies like Glowfly exist and Smokea’s sells them for a very fair and reasonable price.


It works, if I had a complaint the bowl itself is too big, but I like it


Love these things, Now I have 3. Stocking stuffer for my 420 friends next year!! was free

Easy to fit in the Ol travel tin but tired of burning fingers trying to hit that thing.

The Little Zep that Could

I have both the small and large of this devise, I prefer the small. It's a smaller chamber that doesn't take too much to fill and it fits better in my pocket. I thought the small size would make it smoke hot, but I don't think it does.

Good price

Smokea matched a price from another website and I got these for super cheap! Came quickly and wrapped well. Thanks!

Love it!

Gonna order another one ! Easy to use, spring works great. So far, so good!

Surprisingly smooth hits

Surprisingly smooth and flavorful hitter. Easy to clean. If you find smoking flower too harsh, this is the bong for you. Bowl does require screens, but I just use my glass bowl with it. Will definitely buy again. Highest recommendation for an affordable bong.


Smells good and cleans really well

Phenomenal product

I like not being able to taste not nasty a** lighter fluid

Kind of small, perfect for one person

It's honestly a great size for one person to use, but the bowl size isn't great if you're planning on sharing. Nice for when I don't want to pack a whole bowl.

still my favorite way to smoke

the hits never get too harsh, it burns slow and works wonderfully for groups sessions.

Works but cheap

Very cheaply made. Very difficult to get fully clean. Handle broke off. Would not purchase again.

Best pen for the orice

This battery hits super nice and the voltage is just perfect, color looks even better in person it’s just overall amazing

Works great

Works great and keeps the rig a lot cleaner between clean outs

fresh for days

I love your doob tubes because they are very easy to open and come in variety of colors. Doob tubes are the best to keep your product fresh for days!

Love it.

Tasty dabs.

Great company

Very nice. excellent customer service

Great little pipe!

Love! The donut shape at the mouth is very satisfying to use. Would definitely recommend this company!

Would Recomend

Solidly built, it could easily be drop and sustain no damage so it’s great for people with clumsy friends! Very solid built, easy to tear apart and clean!

Sooooo Cool

Absolutely love this bubbler. Hits great and I love the trailer park boys image on the side! Also super easy to clean.

Awesome pipe.

There is nothing better than a proto pipe. Shipping was fast. It’s expensive but if you’ve ever purchased a knock off you’ll know why this one is priced the way it is.