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Usually too lazy to write reviews but this product is worth it. If you are on the fence or even considering it at all, I would definitely recommend it. Such a smooth hit and perfect way to smoke without the smell (good for more discretion/not leaving a trace). Love the design that fits perfectly in your hand and I also bought the case (sold separately) which I love as well. The only downside about the Pax for me is that it’s so easily addictive because it’s so great. Take a chance on this guy, you won’t regret it!

(As far as delivery, I’m impatient and got it rushed and it was here the very next day in discreet packaging which was wonderful).

My go to..

Great for a starter and sturdy...easy to clean and is my go too when vap is charging. It's worth the price !

Great price

I really love the price of these kits for a basic pipe alone at any smoke shop ther're 40 plus and not as nice


Exactly what i was looking for. Received it in just 4 days. Free shipping. I would recommend you to everyone!

Does not work

Had 2 diff lighters and they both stopped working within a week . Smokes sent a replacement free of cost ... Went out after the 3 rd day .

Wrong item sent.

Wrong item sent. Was returned. Hopefully I’ll get correct item soon.

Well Designed, and Simple

There's not a whole lot to say about this sort of press. The internal presses fit very tightly with close tolerances and the threaded caps are strong and tight. All winning features for a press like this. Add to that it's backed by Ryot/Kannastor, and it's a winner.

Deinitely a Top-Quality Grinder

At this high a price point, you're obviously going to get a high-quality grinder regardless of what brand you go with, it's just that different brands have different features that stand out. In this particular case, the Kannastor GR8TR's standout feature is its dual grinder plates and modular and user-replaceable design. Having the option for a medium or a fine grind combined with the EZ-change screen makes this one of the best and coolest grinders on the market, hands down. It is a bit on the tall side, having the extra storage compartment and the dual grinder plates and it doesn't have the quarter-turn segments like the GRAV grinder, Cali Crusher Homegrown or Phoenician , but its modularity and ability to replace parts as needed make up for that. You can use it as a storage container, a 2, 3, or 4 piece grinder, with or without the screen, etc. It's a cool design and gives you a lot of options in how to grind your herbs. Definitely worth the money.

Small and Handy

I got this one for free thanks to the Smokea Rewards, and I was initially surprised at how small it was (it's about the same size as a 3" chillum, with a similar sized bowl). But, since it was free, I wasn't going to be mad about it, because that would be senseless. With that being said, this small little pipe is nice and quite well designed. Tough for larger hands for sure, but having a small pipe is pretty useful, especially for a solo or a two-person smoke. It's a cool transparent design and lights well. And given its low price, you can't go wrong even paying full-price for it even if for no other reason than to have a spare or backup, and good glass for a low price is always great. Would buy again.


using these papers with the little glass filter is great, i feel i am getting a lot with a little


good quality for very affordable price

Great and easy to use and easy to clean and hits great

Great piece

This is a great piece for the price. This site is very affordable and has fast shipping. Very pleased but yes it does get clogged easily.

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner (12oz)
Great product

This cleaner actually worked better then I thought it would. Works great! Very impressed.


This are the best wraps hands down

Very Pleased

I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a one hitter


This is the perfect size! Feels good in my hand and can be discreet.

Wonderful quality little thing

Smaller than a key fob. First pipe I've ever had that doesn't need cleaning! I love it! Depending on herb quality a 7 hitter every time.


First bong i have purchased and completely in love with it. Will be shopping again in the near future.


great, cute bong. The bowl isn't very big but it hits well.


This is so amazing, especially for the price!! It hits so smoothly, I 10/10 recommend to everyone.

My new favorite piece

This little guy is incredible. Well designed and hits like a freight train. The first time I cleaned it, the black piece came off, but since this is just heat-shrink tubing, I just used a heat gun to reapply it. I like the way the mouthpiece is the same diameter as the other end because it really gives a legit blunt experience.

The right bowl

The right bull makes all the difference in the world. And for the price you can't go wrong with this bowl. I would highly recommend this bowl to anyone that's looking for one. Thanks Smokea


My new go to piece

Love this piece

This is an awesome pipe. Way better than I expected it to look. Also got it for a pretty good price. Everyone that sees it gives me a compliment. You should probably ly buy it.