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Product Review: The G Slim Vaporizer for Dry Material

 Product Review: The G Slim Vaporizer for Dry Material

This little guy caught my eye on a recent trip to a shop, and though I went in there for a regular spoon I soon found myself forking over the extra $10 to try out something possibly more practical for out and about use. Priced competitively at $19-24 depending on where you snag it, the G Slim is about the size of a regular ballpoint pen and fits easily into a pocket or a purse.

One of the things that first appealed to me about this was that it bore the Grenco Science name on it, and in my experience that’s a name you can trust. They do their research and don’t tend to put out shoddy products. This pen carries on that tradition, although I would mention that most Grenco products are typically in the $40 and up range, and the old adage is still true: You get what you pay for.

It comes in a sleek sealed bag that contains your battery, chamber, charger, and a scraper tool. The mouthpiece is attached to the top of the chamber and screws off easily, under which you’ll find the coil neatly seated at the bottom. The battery screws directly into the adaptor to charge. Now, let’s get into the pros and cons.


This thing is super discreet. It has the nifty five-clicks on/off feature which will keep it from activating in your pocket. The chamber is decently deep although it loses some depth when the lid is screwed on. One thing I’ll stipulate: make sure your flowers are finely ground before loading this. If you’ve got big chunks in there you’re going to have a hard time getting a decent pull. However, if properly packed this will deliver a fully satisfying experience, and without the hassle of dealing with wind/lighters/etc. It’s easy to clean as well: The mouthpiece pulls off from the lid of the chamber so you can wash each separately and get them both looking like new with relatively little effort. Finally, the coil doesn’t appear to be super fragile. That’s not to say you should stab at it like there’s gold buried beneath it, but if you hit it with the scraper while you’re cleaning it out or packing it down it’s not going to shut down on you.


The first con I’ll address is that it’s not super practical for group usage. Since the mouthpiece screws onto the chamber it reduces the depth a bit, so if you pack it full you might have trouble getting a decent draw for lack of oxygen throughout the pen. You’ll also get some residue accumulating on the underside of the mouthpiece throughout usage and your flowers can stick to that, especially if you put it in your pocket and sit down or something. Typically you’ll get about one to two hits out of it. Finally, calling this a “vaporizer” may be a bit of a stretch, as it certainly burns your flowers and reduces them to ash as opposed to just “toasting” them. Essentially, despite being discreet in appearance it’s not necessarily discreet in usage.


For the money, this is a solid purchase. It’s easy to use, holds its charge and I have yet to have any major issues with it outside of the need to clean it fairly regularly. If you’re looking for a true vaporizer this isn’t your guy, but if you’re an active consumer who enjoys indulging on the go I’d suggest picking one up if you get a chance.

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