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Pros and Cons of Metal Pipes

Pros and Cons of Metal Pipes

There are several materials pipes are crafted from. Glass is the most popular, both in number of designs and in overall choice for regular smokers. However, glass is delicate, and some pieces can be quite expensive. Smokers looking for an alternative medium to smoke from may eventually consider metal pipes. Metal pipes carry many advantages, but there are also some qualities to watch out for when smoking various substances.


Metal pipes are easy to form, and many are mass produced. While you won’t get that one-of-a-kind feel with a metal pipe as you might with glass, you can count on your pipe’s uniformity and function almost every time. Metal pipes also include features that glass, ceramic, and acrylic pipes don’t, such as hinges and tightly threaded removable pieces. There are even some metal pipes, like the Transformer Adjustable Metal Pipe, that can swivel into almost any type of hand pipe you want or build your own pipe kits that let you build your metal pipe the way you want. Although many metal pipes won’t be as artistic as some of their glass counterparts, you’d be surprised at some of the uniquely designed metal pipes on the market today.


Metal pipes vary in price depending on the type of metal used, the company making it, and the features they include. Smaller hand pipes usually cost $20 or below, while tall water pipes can be upwards of $70. Most of the metal pipes on Smokea are less than $20 but we some feature-packed pipes can range up to $80, so there's something fitting every budget.


One of the best qualities of metal pipes is their durability. Glass, ceramic, and even wood pipes pale in comparison to the strength of metal pipes. Even the clumsiest smoker would be hard pressed to ruin a metal pipe. Of course, the type of metal used contributes a great deal to the overall durability. Aluminum is one of the weaker metals, but aluminum pipes are often anodized to strengthen the structure. Titanium is another common metal used and is one of the strongest types.


The quality of the metal is what most smokers are concerned about when it comes to metal pipes. Some users report a metallic taste to their smoke when using a metal pipe. Ceramic, wood, and even acrylic can alter the flavor of smoke, while glass typically doesn’t interact at all. Luckily, there are a few ways to minimize the metallic flavor when using a metal pipe.

First, you can “break it in” by letting resin build up on the inside of the pipe to cut down on the metallic taste. However, this option really depends on user preference, and some people hate the taste of burning resin. Secondly, before you purchase a pipe, do a bit of research into the type of metal it’s using. Food-grade titanium should leave the least amount of metallic aftertaste, if any, while other metals could produce more.

At the end of the day, to smoke from a metal pipe or not to smoke from a metal pipe is really up to the specific user. They do offer unmatched durability but may take some creative alternatives to cut down on the metallic aftertaste. All in all, don’t let the anti-metal smokers talk you out of a metal pipe until you try one for yourself.

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