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Tips for the Best 420 Holiday Ever

 Image of hemp plant leaves

While the 420 holiday doesn’t get the same hype as some other favorite holidays, it still holds a special place in many people’s hearts. The roots for this famous celebration started in 1971 with a group of kids who called themselves “Waldos” because they would meet by a wall at 4:20 PM to imbibe together after their school’s extracurricular activities had ended. One of these Waldos became a roadie for the Grateful Dead, where he popularized the term and its meaning: to hang out, have a good time, and chill with others who dig the same scene. So take some tips from the pros and learn how to elevate your 420 holiday to new highs!

Bring Back Nostalgic Feelings

Getting nostalgic and recalling some of the most memorable 420 holiday gatherings you’ve had is a great way to celebrate with old pals. You and your friends could probably tell stories all day about the fattest, slow-burning blunts and the small spaces you hot-boxed with them. Or maybe you had to rig something up because you didn’t have a pipe. An ordinary apple became your pipe, a two-liter bottle and bucket became your gravity bong, or a tall plastic rum punch cup became your water pipe. Thankfully, when deciding how to 420 this year, your tools don’t need to be so rudimentary. Go ahead and pick up a few blunt wraps or browse some of the latest styles of water pipes to impress your friends. Don’t forget the ice for a smooth hit!

Change up Your Smoking Method or Herb Style

Girl using a water pipe on the 420 holiday

You likely have a favorite method for smoking that may stem from simple convenience or habit. The 420 holiday is the perfect time to change things up and bring out some unusual methods or new styles of herb! For example, vaporizers have come a long way since they were first introduced, and many modern versions are both affordable and portable. You can find vaporizers that are compatible with dry herbs, liquids, and extracts. So whether you’re into the old school flowers or the latest concoctions, you can find a device that’s effective and discreet for fun on-the-go. Likewise, if you’re used to a simple hand pipe, try upgrading to a water pipe or a bubbler. You may be surprised at the difference a new method or style of herb can make!

Plan a 420 Holiday-Themed Party

Everybody loves a holiday that gives them an excuse to party! 420-themed decorations, special edibles, and party favors are sure to be a hit. Pick out a unique playlist from the 70s and include all the tunes that get you groovin’. You could even call for a dress code of tie-dye shirts and other hippie attire. It just might become your new yearly tradition with the gang!

However you decide to spend this 420 holiday, make sure you spend it with the people who matter and share your affinity for the lighter side of life. If you need some more ideas on how to 420 this year, visit SMOKEA® for the latest trends in smoking devices and affordable daily deals that will make every day feel like 420.

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