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Top 10 On-The-Go Pipes

 Top 10 On-The-Go Pipes

Smoking at home is a bit different from smoking on-the-go. At home, you can pull out your biggest, most heady piece and enjoy your session. When traveling, you may want a piece you can carry with you in your pocket, or one that’s durable enough for the outdoors, or maybe even a piece that is multi-functional. Below you will find our list for the top 10 on-the-go pipes featuring some of our best sellers alongside a few pipes we are spotlighting because we think they are pretty neat.

1. Proto Pipe/Mendo Pipe

Created by the same designer, the Proto Pipe has been everyone’s go-to travel option since the 1960s, and the Mendo Pipe is a slightly improved version. These metal pipes are durable but won’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth. Plus, they come with their own stash compartment and poker tool.

Shop Proto & Mendo Pipe

2. Monkey Pipe Classic

This unique pipe checks the boxes of incredibly tiny and undeniably discreet. At just under two inches long, you may question whether this pipe is even functional. But, the Monkey Pipe didn’t become a best seller for nothing. If you need a durable, discreet, and affordable pipe for your next adventure, the Monkey Pipe is the way to go.

Shop Monkey Pipe Classic

3. Piecemaker Karma Silicone Pocket Pipe

Those who tend to be a little rougher on their pipes and can’t be bothered to pack them properly while on-the-go, a silicone pipe may be just the fit. The Piecemaker is a favorite among many—let the reviews speak for themselves! Even if you’ve been opposed to silicone in the past, for the price it may be worth a try.

Shop Piecemaker Karma Silicone Pocket Pipe

4. Smokea $5 Glass Hand Pipe

If you prefer glass and don’t want to shell out for a replacement every time you accidentally drop your pipe on a rocky trail, then the $5 Glass hand pipes are a good compromise. They are simple, decorated, and, most importantly, will get the job done. Plus, you don’t have to feel guilty if it sustains injuries during transport.

Shop Smokea $5 Glass Hand Pipe

5. Smokea Discreet Hi Liter Marker Pipe

If discretion is your goal, then you can’t beat our Hi Liter Marker Pipe. Since it’s made from real Hi-Liter casings, it will pass most visual inspections. The casing hides the smell fairly well too. It’s one of our best-selling look-a-like pipes, and it’s easy to see why. Quickly stash it in your pocket or your bag and no one will tell the difference!

Shop Smokea Discreet Hi Liter Marker Pipe

6. RYOT Large Wood One Hitter Bat

If you won’t be traveling long and just need a one-hitter, the RYOT Wood Bat offers pure taste and durable craftmanship. Combine with a RYOT taster box to create the perfect traveling pair.

Shop RYOT Large Wood One Hitter Bat

7. GRAV Helix Chillum

Science junkies and glass enthusiasts alike will appreciate the unique design of the Helix Chillum. It’s big enough to swirl the smoke to cool before inhalation, but small enough to pack with you on-the-go. People everywhere have fallen in love with Helix designs, and this piece will surely deliver in a portable device.

Shop GRAV Helix Chillum

8. GRAV Glass Blunt

Another piece by GRAV, their Glass Blunt design is simple, yet functional. Instead of having to deal with the hassle of rolling, a glass blunt is an easy load and go device. The adjustable slide makes it easy to ash, and it can also be used as a vaporizer by heating underneath the glass instead of the product directly.

Shop GRAV Glass Blunt

9. Smokea Hammer Bubbler

If you’re missing your water pipe on-the-go, you won’t be disappointed by the smooth hits of the Hammer Bubbler. It utilizes water and a 6-arm tree perc, all in a hand-held device, to deliver cool and smooth hits during travel. It really is the best of both worlds.

Shop Smokea Hammer Bubbler

10. Smokea Mini Rig Bubbler

Don’t think we forgot about rigs! The Mini Rig Bubbler allows dabbers to take their concentrates on the road without having to lug a whole rig around. This compact device makes taking a hit simple while on the road. Just not while you are driving because that’s dangerous!

Shop Smokea Mini Rig Bubbler

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