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Two Perfect "Sessions" for your Smoke Sesh

 Two Perfect

Sessions Goods is Redefinining “Ritual”

Ritual - [rich-oo-uhl] - noun - A sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, according to a set sequence.

A good morning ritual gets you ready to face the day with a smile on your face. A good nighttime ritual lets you snuggle into bed and drift to sleep peacefully. We all know that the most important ritual of every day is the smoke session, but it’s important to keep in mind that even one sub-par item can throw a ritual off completely. The last thing you want is to be embarrassed by some garish, gaudy piece being passed around, like the one Tony brought over last time.

Good thing that Session Goods, a brilliant team based in San Francisco, is determined to bring class and style to the tools used in our favorite ritual. Through their design methodology and skills, they’ve crafted two wonderful new pieces, available in four different colors, that we’re proud to carry!

The Session Handpipe w/ Silicone Case & Carabiner

The first of the Sessions Goods pipes, the Session Handpipe is a piece designed for simple, straight-forward flexibility, durability, and reliability. This is one solid glass handpipe, with a thumb-sized bowl perfect for on-the-go sessions.

The end of the pipe is a flattened base and there are two feet along the bottom of the bowl, so you can store it or set it down however you need to, wherever you are, case on or off.

You can’t forget the silicone case; one of my favorite aspects of this pipe! The case fits snugly around the pipe, keeping it not only safe and sound, but also letting you pack a bowl ahead of time for later! The case comes with a carabiner clip, perfect for hanging from bags or belts, making this one of the best portable glass hand pipes available!

I’m thinking about decorating my Christmas tree with about 20 of these things -- fully-loaded of course.

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The Session Bong w/ Silicone Footer

The second pipe in the Session Goods lineup, the Sessions Bong w/ Silicone Footer is best described as “classy af, my guy.” This is a designer bong that you can proudly display or smoke out of, regardless if you’re in a refined, mid-century, colonial, ranch-style manor or a decadent, luxurious, space-age, eco-friendly micro cabin. I heard all of those terms watching house-flipping reality TV with my one-and-only; I’m sure I used them all properly. Don’t @ me.

Take a look at that curved grip, that tapered design, and you know this is bong is meant to be held. The center-of-balance is real low, the silicone footer helping to weight the bottom down, keeping Tony from knocking yet another damn bong over. You know what you did, Tony.

With that clear, distinguished design, you’re going to want this on display at all times, but no one wants to display a grungy mess. There are no complications here, nothing for residue to get caught up on, so it’s an easy bong to clean.

Just like the Session Handpipe, the silicone accessory for the Session Bong serves multiple purposes. Yes, the silicone footer makes it harder to knock over carelessly (Tony… come on…), but the magic trick here is that the silicone footer also serves as your water fill line! Since the glass is crystal-clear, it’s easier to fill this bong up accurately than any other I’ve used!

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I Smoke Two Sessions in The Morning, I Smoke Two Sessions at Night

Session Goods are making waves with smokers thanks to two stunning pipes that hit every mark hand pipe and bong lovers are looking for.

From the moment you open the beautiful custom packaging, it’s clear that Session Goods are determined to elevate your daily ritual into something special. Enjoy your next smoking session the right way -- with a Session.

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