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Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

 learn what is a dab rig

Dabs have become increasingly popular and readily available for purchase across the country in recent years. But what exactly are dabs, and what is a dab rig? At SMOKEA®, we’ve got you covered with all the accessories you need to get started with dabs, so let's take a look at the different types of dab rigs and how to use them.

What Are Dabs

Dabs have actually been around since the 1970s, but they haven’t become popular until this past decade. Dabs are a concentrate made from a standard flower, and you can usually find your favorite strains made into dabs. Dabs come in different forms, from a thick liquid to a brittle consistency. The most common varieties are called honey oil, shatter, butter, and wax. Dabs can be vaporized or smoked. The appeal of dabs for many people is that it is cleaner than smoking flower, and it produces a more intense high.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is similar to what you use to smoke flower, but with differences in the method. The common types of dab rigs include a traditional dab rig, dab straws, and vaporizer pens.

Traditional Dab Rigs

traditional type of dab rig silicone type of dab rig

Traditional dab rigs come in various designs, including glass, silicone, and electric. Glass and silicone rigs include a nail (or banger), a percolation device, and a mouthpiece. To use these rigs, you need a propane or butane torch lighter to heat the nail to a high temperature. You then place a small amount of your dab into the nail and inhale the smoke that emanates by breathing in through the mouthpiece. Electronic dab rigs are more expensive, but you don’t need a torch. The battery heats up the element within an electronic dab rig, which is what you place your dabs into.

Dab Straws or Nectar Collectors

one of the simplest types of dab rig   what is a nectar collector dab rig

A dab straw is the simplest type of dab rig; it is basically a straw made from thick glass. The user heats one end of the straw with the torch, then touches it to the dabs within a silicone or heatproof container while inhaling the smoke that is produced. Nectar collectors use the same technique but include a small water percolation device in the center of the piece.

Vaporizer Pens

a vape pen is a type of dab rig

Like dab straws, vaporizer pens are compact and great for travel. They are rechargeable, and many can be used interchangeably with both flower and dab extracts. You can find a range of vape pens from very affordable to high-end. Most are pretty straightforward, allowing you to simply add your dabs and press a button to heat it up.

SMOKEA® is a one-stop-shop, helping you to learn what a dab rig is and how to get started with dab rigs and vape pens. We offer a full range of functional and artistic pieces, as well as dab toolsaccessories and cleaners. Browse our stock today for low prices and free U.S. shipping on orders of $10 or more.

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