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High Temp Vs. Low Temp Dabbing

 High Temp Vs. Low Temp Dabbing

Dabbing has gained a lot of popularity in the past five years. With dabbing becoming more popular, debates on how to properly dab concentrates have weaved into conversations among beginners and professionals alike. One of these popular topics is at what temperature range is the most effective for dabbing.

Each temperature range has their own set of benefits and different equipment that is needed for optimal dabbing. For example in high temp dabbing, titanium nails are considered the best for high-temperature dabbing due to their ability to heat the fastest, while in low-temperature dabbing ceramic nails are in contrast, the slowest nail material to heat.

High-Temperature Dabbing

In high-temperature dabbing, the nail is heated to high temperatures ranging in 330-390 Degrees. Heating concentrates higher than that starts to burn the material and release carcinogens, such as benzene and naphthalene. Because of this, it is best to heat your nail to a dark glow red and wait for 10 seconds.

With titanium being the best nail option suited for this temperature range, one nail that is popular with wax lovers is the Smokea's Female Grade 2 Titanium Domeless Nail. This nail works great for instantly vaporizing concentrates and does not require a dome. This is because the shape of the bowl holds all of the vapor to the opening of the nail, creating instant suction into your oil rig.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

In low-temperature dabbing, the nail is heated to a lower temperature, and a carb cap is used on the top of the nail while dabbing. This helps trap the heat and melt and keep the concentrate from fully evaporating. A major upside to low temp dabbing is it greatly reduces the risk of carcinogenic compounds being produce and using a lower temperature also retains more flavor of the oil.

When picking a carb cap for your nail, it is important to know if your nail is domeless or not. If you have a nail with a dome, you will just need something to cover the opening, and a domeless nail will need a carb cap. A carb cap that can work with most nails is Smokea's 2-piece Titanium Carb Cap and Dab Tool. This carb cap lets you set dabs onto the nail, and then you flip it around to use the carb cap at the other end.

A nail recommended for low-temperature dabs is Smokea's Ceramic Female Domeless nail. Ceramic nails hold heat longer than traditional titanium nails. This makes them the best choice for low temp dabs because the nail will retain heat longer, which allows for dabs to be used without worrying if the nail will cool down too quickly.

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