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Stash Box Ideas: How to Pack the Perfect Box

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You’ve taken the time to build your collection of smoking needs and accessories. Now you need to stash them so they’re safe, easy to access, and organized. A stash box is the perfect container for this.

While you can use just any old storage device you find around the house, investing in a quality stash box will not only keep your tools together but will earn respect when you get it out to smoke with friends.

Let’s take a look at some stash box essentials so you can get started putting together your perfect box.

stash box ideas for tobacco

Your Tobacco

This is probably a stash box idea that goes without saying, but keep your tobacco and herbs in your box. Whatever forms you use, keep each type in a designated container within the box. Ceramic or metal jars will best protect your herbs.

A Lighter And Papers

These two items in particular tend to get ruined in the laundry, lost in the couch cushions, or sucked into an alternate reality for all we know. Keep your favorite lighter and a solid supply of papers inside your stash box so you never run out when you need them.

A Poking Tool

While almost anything small and pointy can be used as a poking tool, if you’re getting serious about stash box ideas, it’s time to invest in an actual poker. Avoid the stress of trying to find something random in the moment and keep your poker in your box.

Your Grinder

A high-quality grinder is a stash box essential. A good grinder shreds your herbs finely so they can be used easily, especially in small pipes. Look for a heavy-duty design, like stainless steel or aluminum, so it will last you for a while.

A Vaporizer, Hand Pipe, or Dab Tools

stash box ideas for your vape pen

You’ve got all the tools to enjoy your smoke, so now you need the right delivery method for your preferred kind. This may be another stash box idea that goes without saying, but the last thing you want is the frustration of having everything you need in one place… except for your pipe.

Miscellaneous Extras

Beyond the basics, the rest of your stash box essentials will be unique to you. To combat dry, red eyes, perhaps you keep a small vial of eye drops. Or to battle that pesky dry mouth, perhaps an herbal spray to coat your throat.

To keep your box smelling fresh, consider adding a few humidity and odor control packs. Include an ashtray for portability, and maybe your favorite cleaner to keep your supplies in top condition.

Stash Your Stuff with Us

Whatever stash box ideas you want to include in your box, SMOKEA® offers top-quality wood boxes you’ll be proud to display. Whether you choose from our RYOT line or the popular RAW boxes, you can’t go wrong. Get in touch to ask us your most burning stash box questions.

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