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Wax vs Herb: Which is Better?

 Wax vs Herb: Which is Better?

When comparing herbal wax products to “traditional” herbal products, you will notice there are quite a few similarities. However, they are indeed apart of two totally different worlds. Wax products have always seemed so much more complicated and almost like this foreign, strange way of going about things. After taking a closer look and truly comparing the two, both sides certainly have their perks.

Touching base with the similarities first is a must because it truly blew me out of the water to sit and think of how many there can be. First, take a look at the variety! Honestly, you can get these really amazing and unique pieces no matter which road you take. You have intricate detail, surprising shapes and designs, themes. You name it, more than likely it is out there. I really enjoy the wax products that go with a bee hive theme, just because it really is an interesting comparison to the consistency of herbal wax of any kind and who doesn’t love to spread the love and need to protect those creatures!

Vaporizing is certainly a way to go about things that allows you to get a really pure and clean flavor of the herbs and guess what? You can get it for both herbal wax and regular herbs. These guys can be so compact and take up no space. For the wax, the vaporizers come mostly in pen form but, there are certainly a lot to choose from. For the regular plant herbs, you have small, portable vaporizers and you also have a more bulky selection as well such as the tabletop versions with multiple pieces and hoses. I cannot stress enough how clean these are for not only our bodies but also again, the taste.

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All of the products you come across are going to be fairly easy to clean. Some more than others of course, but the products for cleaning are easy to come by and you may just have to spend a little more time and put a little bit more elbow grease into those really tight corners and twists of some of the more intricately made designs. The simplest way to clean the pieces is with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and table or rock salt. Some also suggest using acetone, both of which have a chance of leaving behind a taste. You can also use just boiling water or sand and water in both types of products. A Q-Tip definitely comes in handy!

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When it comes down to the type of material these products are made out of, some people are pickier than others. I think the number one material and possible the safest is glass. You will notice that most wax products are going to be made out of glass with the exception of the tools that come along with them. The tools can come in titanium and also silicone. Non wax products come in a variety of materials ranging from glass, wood, silicone, stone, clay and much more. Again, I think glass is the safest route if you are conscious of what you are inhaling when materials mix with heat and create those fun chemical reactions.

It is probably safe to say that if you own any sort of herb related products, storage for the herbs or wax is essential. When it comes to the wax herbs, you do not have a whole lot of variety. You can choose between silicone or glass but, the glass does tend to hold onto a lot of that wax. When it comes to storing loose herbs, the possibilities are endless! Essentially, if it has a lid and wont spill, you are good to go. I think one of the most common would be either a glass, air tight jar or something like a dugout.

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For some, money is not an issue. However for some it is and if you are one of those people, you definitely would lean, in my opinion, much more toward the loose herbal products. Just to compare the two briefly, for a basic starter set, you are looking at about $80-100 minimum to get started. For loose herbs, you are looking more so at about $20 for a really basic start up. After the start up, you can start investing in fun accessories and more detailed pieces.

After taking time to compare the two types of products, it really comes down to a few key factors. How adventurous do you feel? How much are you looking to spend? Any product is great and gets the job done. The possibilities are endless my friends!

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  • Abbigail Montgomery