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What to Look for When Buying a Scale

 What to Look for When Buying a Scale

Whether you are measuring the accuracy of your given stash, wanting to stay within legal public carrying limits, or you would like to be more precise in the amount of product you use per session, a reliable product scale is an essential tool. With so many different choices on the market today, it can be difficult to know which scale is right for you. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before even browsing the scale section of your favorite online shop. The first is what will you be using the scale for? The second, how portable are you needing the scale to be? Last, what special features are you looking for in a scale?

Using a Scale

People primarily pick up a scale for one of two reasons: they need one to measure larger portions for their business or they need it for personal use. For measuring larger loads, a pocket scale probably won’t be big enough to handle the job. Pocket scales can usually weigh up to 300 grams of product, which is usually enough for a single user who is weighing smaller amounts of product at a time. Larger scales will include up to 700 gram capacities, but some can be found with even 1000 gram capacities. While larger scales aren’t exactly easy to tote around, on-the-go users can find suitable portable options to fit their lifestyles. Despite their smaller size, they are just as accurate as other scales and include many of the features larger scales do.

To ensure a scale is working properly, you will want to grab some inexpensive calibration weights. These are measured at an exact weight, so the scale should display the same number. If it isn’t, then it will need to be re-calibrated. Scales can become uncalibrated if they are dropped or roughly handled during transportation. Most scales come with a calibration mode that makes it easy to reset the accuracy of the machine.

Special Features

All scales come with various features that make one more useful for a user over another. One feature you may find you need is the ability to switch between different weight measurements such as grams or ounces. Grams are the standard units of product measurement, so your scale should at least include grams in its readings. Another useful feature some modern scales are adopting is rechargeable batteries. If you use your scale often, you may need to frequently replace the batteries.

Rechargeable batteries give the user plenty of weigh time before needing to be recharged and saves the user money in battery replacements. Lastly, another feature some scales come included with is a weigh tray. If you don’t want your product getting the scale dirty with every weigh, a washable tray is the solution. Weigh trays also help users gauge how much product the scale can handle so they don’t accidentally overload the scale with too much product at once.

The price of scales has come down dramatically in the past several years, and the features have only improved. With so many different options for scales, users are sure to find the perfect one for them.

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  • Abbigail Montgomery