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Freeze Pipe Bubbler Pro Kit
Freeze Pipe Bubbler Pro Kit
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Freeze Pipe Bubbler & Spoon Kit
Freeze Pipe Bubbler & Spoon Kit
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Why Do You Need a Bubbler?

Unlike having a pipe or another smoking tool available, bubblers are typically thought of as optional equipment. Something that makes smoking more pleasant but isn’t necessarily critical to be able to smoke.

The truth though, is that nice bubblers do a good job of improving your smoking experience. Some people even notice that their lungs, throat, and sinuses feel better when using a bubbler over other smoking tools because of the added filtration and the cooling effect of moving smoke through water before it makes it to your mouth.

It used to be that you could only really take advantage of a bubbler with a relatively large piece of equipment, like standup or tabletop bubblers similar to hookahs. These days, though, there are much smaller options available that are more portable and easy to use whether you’re smoking outside or indoors.

Mini hitter bubblers take away almost all the inconveniences of using a bubbler, while still giving you the filtration and cooling benefits of a simple bubbler.

Since there are so many options available, from portable models to large complex or multi-chambered bubblers to glass or silicone bubbles; all used for different kinds of smoking experiences, there isn't a good reason not to have a bubbler these days.

And if you’ve never used a bubbler when you’re smoking, trust us, you need one.

Our Top Bubblers

Here are some of the best bubblers we have available for your smoking needs. We've chosen from a range of styles, prices, and sizes so that there is something here for everyone. Remember, different kinds of bubblers are going to affect the quality of your smoke differently, so it’s a good idea to get more than one style so you can figure out what bubblers will work best for you.

Of course, if you’re in a hurry, you can always use a simple bubbler or a portable model instead of one of the larger or more complex rigs available now.

GRAV Spherical Pocket Bubbler

This miniature bubbler offers all the benefits of larger rigs, but in an easy-to-store or transport size that makes it the perfect option on the go, or if you're living somewhere you can't keep your glass on display.

The clear glass option on this bubbler is fantastic because it makes it easy to tell when the bubbler needs to be cleaned. But colored glass bubblers are available that might be better depending on your tastes and aesthetics.

The female joint design is versatile for just about any smoking style, including smoking without any additional glass like a rolled joint or blunt.

A 10mm cup bowl is included with this design, and all the other glass in this rig is stationary, which helps to cut down on maintenance needs and to prevent breakage.

Overall, if you're looking for a good-looking, small, and effective option with a lot of versatility and low maintenance, the GRAV spherical pocket bubbler is a great option.

SMOKEA® $15 Glass Bubbler Pipe

If you love the look of decorated blown glass, the SMOKEA® $15 bubbler is a good, affordable, and incredibly attractive model. These bubblers come in a range of designs and colors, and there’s something here for almost anyone’s taste or color preferences.

At 4-5 inches tall, these pipes aren’t quite as small as some portable rigs, but they are still easy to store and clean. They’re also small enough that they can be used as a portable option with just a little preparation.

The exact design of these bubblers does vary a little, the way they’re made means that there won’t ever be two identical models, but that makes them great conversation pieces. There’s some truly beautiful glass coming out of this line, and you won’t get anything like this at a better price.

Plus, the slightly larger design also means that the smoke cools a little more before it gets to the smoker, which makes for an easier, more enjoyable smoking experience. For a discount bubbler, nothing is better.

If you’re looking for an affordable, effective, and beautiful glass bubbler, SMOKEA®’s $15 model’s got you covered.

SMOKEA® Matrix Perc Hammer Bubbler

This piece is another slightly smaller design, but it’s meant to pack a big punch. The included bowl is about 18mm, a bit larger than average. Perfect for sharing, or just getting a larger harder hit when you want one.

The larger sized bowl also makes it easier to clean and maintain, while the simple design of the rest of the percolator helps keep maintenance requirements low.

The blue and clear glass of this design also makes it simple to tell when it needs cleaning, and when you’ve got the glass fully clean. That design feature makes this a solid choice for even the newest or least experienced smoker, while its reasonable price makes this a good investment whether you’re just starting to smoke or already an experienced veteran.

High-quality glass also makes this percolator more durable overall than other models. Its simple straightforward design, with clear glass that easily reveals any flaws or bubbles during manufacturing, means that it's easy to eliminate flaws and help keep the glass as durable as possible.

While this is still a breakable model, it’s much less fragile than some glass pieces, so you can trust that this model will last a good while.

Since this is a standing bubbler, it’s also easy to store, and easy to move from area to area as you rearrange, or need to reorganize to accommodate additional smoking accessories when your collection grows.

If you're looking for a solid, but simple and low-maintenance option, this standing bubbler is attractive, effective, and comes at a reasonable price. You really can't go wrong with the SMOKEA® Matrix Perc Hammer Bubbler.

GRAV Rain Bubbler

This is a good option if you’re looking for purpose-built glass that does an incredible job without taking up a ton of space.

The Rain Bubbler is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, is stable and effective as a tabletop option, and can even be used be portable as long as you don’t mind keeping the box handy for transportation.

The real magic of this product is that you only need about an inch of water in the bottom to take the harshness out of the smoke, and it’s a lot more effective than average.

Of course, you can increase the benefits by adding more water, and there is a lot of room on the interior to let you customize the depth of the water. An open design also makes this better than most if you want to use tea or another flavored beverage instead of water while you're smoking.

Just make sure you clean it thoroughly after using anything other than water in the base!

The Rain Bubbler, like our other glass pipes, also comes in a couple of different colors, so you can match it with the rest of your collection, with your aesthetics, or just based on whichever color you think looks best with the design.

Despite its relatively compact size, this bubbler is one of the more versatile options out there, especially if you already know that you need an easy-to-clean option that will significantly reduce the harshness of anything you smoke. For the sheer smoothness of your experience, it doesn’t get much better than the GRAV Rain Bubbler.

Marley Natural Glass Bubbler Pipe

Last, but certainly not least, is the Marley Natural Glass Bubbler Pipe. This design is designed for people who value the experience and ritual of smoking. People who don’t mind slowing down a little to savor the individual steps in prepping the bowl, assembling the pipe, and getting all of the details just right.

This is made from hand-blown glass paired with natural Walnut wood. The wood helps to add a touch of elegance to the glass and is also a little more durable against falls, bumps, or other kinds of damage that can quickly destroy it.

Everything is made with two ideas at the core of the design, function, and a Jamaican-inspired design that brings in some of the best of smoking culture to provide a smoother, tastier experience.

This is also designed for a more generous helping of water than some others. The extra water provides additional cooling while effectively filtering the smoke for a purer experience. Flavors are enhanced in this bubbler, while the shape of the percolator helps it go even further in terms of filtration.

The last big advantage of this is that it can also be fully disassembled which makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. Just make sure you also keep the walnut sections oiled to help avoid shrinkage and cracking after cleaning.

This might take a little more maintenance than average, but if the details are important to you, and you want a smoking experience that genuinely can't be beaten, the Marley Natural Glass Bubbler Pipe is a fantastic option.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Bubbler? 

Now that you know a little more about some of our best bubblers and how they can enhance your smoking experience, let’s talk about the specific advantages of having one.

Good smoke bubblers might seem like an optional accessory, but trust us, once you’ve got one you won’t want to go back.

More Satisfying Smoking Experience

One of the main benefits of using a bubbler is that it makes smoking more satisfying and significantly easier.

The water in one serves a few purposes. For one thing, pulling the smoke through water can increase the intensity of the smoke, especially since it takes a little longer for the smoke to percolate through the water before it gets to you.

A lot of users also report that having the bubbler increases their satisfaction because it makes it easier to watch the smoke. The added sound of the smoke pulling through the water can also add to the experience and anticipation. 

Easier Maintenance Than Many Alternatives

These products, in general, also tend to be easier to clean and maintain than the alternatives. We have a dedicated article on How to Clean a Bubbler to better help you! The water itself helps prevent the buildup of hardened resins, tar, or other residues from smoking. They also tend to have wider stems and more room on the interior, since they aren't as concerned with concentrating the flow of air into a small space.

That means that it’s usually easier to fit a scrub brush into one, or to use other cleaning methods, like Formula 420, to eliminate the most stubborn resins and leftovers from smoking.

Changing the water frequently can also help reduce the overall maintenance needed, while also improving the experience. So, your maintenance isn’t just a chore, it also makes a noticeable difference in the smoke.

Better Smoke Filtration, Fewer Side Effects from Smoking

One of the main reasons people often start smoking with a bubbler is that even the simplest product offers improved filtration over other options. The water in one pulls all the heaviest components of smoke out of the air as it passes through the water.

That’s why the water in a bubbler will discolor and thicken over time. It’s absorbing some of the contaminants in the smoke so that you, and your lungs, don’t have to.

Cooling Design

The cooling factor is one of the main reasons that it can be a good option for beginners especially. Hot smoke, especially unfiltered smoke, can be harsh and unpleasant if you aren’t used to that sensation or don’t enjoy it.

Don’t get us wrong, some people like a harsher hit, but not everyone does.

A bubbler helps avoid those problems by lowering the temperature of the smoke by at least a few degrees when it goes through the water. Using ice water can improve the cooling effect for an even more pleasant smoking experience.

The other big benefit is that it takes a little longer for the smoke to travel from the bowl to the user, which also helps cool the smoke more than with other smoking accessories.

This might be the biggest single advantage that they offer, and it’s an important benefit for beginner and experienced smokers alike.

Ability to Add or Enhance Flavors

We generally recommend sticking to water in bubblers because other beverages and liquids can leave a residue that you don’t want the next time you smoke. Dedicated smokers and people who don’t mind a little extra cleanup can use them to add other flavors to their smoke.

Making tea, or using other beverages, including milk can all change the character and flavor of the smoke. Some experimentation can give you whole new worlds of smoking flavor and experience.

Just, make sure you clean the product as thoroughly as possible between uses if you’re using anything other than water. The last thing you want is a molded residue hiding inside it when you start smoking.

Better for Beginners

These products are less harsh than other smoking options, which makes them a good way to introduce new people to the hobby, as well as give them a better first smoking experience.

The other big advantage here is that they are usually easier to maintain than other smoking accessories with similar effects, which means that you don’t need to dedicate a ton of time to them to keep them in good working condition.

Great for Sharing or Parties

Because they generally have a larger bowl and allow users to take larger hits, they're also perfect for passing at parties or when you're smoking with friends. Sharing is caring, and water bubblers are the perfect equipment for spreading love.

Having more than one bubbler going can also make it easier to keep a large group satisfied, and make sure that the quality of the smoke doesn’t go down too much as the bowl gets warmer.

Added filtration also prevents the worst of the last-hit ashy harshness, which means you can get more out of your smoke products even as you make them more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get about bubblers, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Where Can I Buy Bubblers Online?

There are a lot of retailers online, but we'd humbly suggest that SMOKEA® offers some of the best selections, including options from other manufacturers, so that you can get whatever shape, size, or type in one convenient online store.

Who Makes the Best Quality Bubblers

This depends a little on what you’re looking for. For instance, our $15 SMOKEA® bubblers do a great job of giving you an artistic and effective product on a budget. While some other manufacturers focus on other aspects of the design, like creating a specific look or going for larger or smaller options.

At SMOKEA® we’re dedicated to using the highest quality materials, and also allowing for artistic expression while still making sure the #1 goal is improving the quality of your smoking experience. With that in mind, we have a wide range of products for different kinds of users, and every design is tested for quality and durability.

Where Can I Buy a Bubbler? 

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy one in person, you’ll likely be able to find a SMOKEA® retailer in town. Look for headshops, smoke and vape supply stores, and even specialty blown glass retailers since they will likely have a smoking section in the store.

Otherwise, you can always come online to SMOKEA® to get all the bubblers and other smoking accessories you need. Also, check out our SMOKEA® Rewards program to start earning future discounts and savings!