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rolling machines for joints
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Raw 70mm 2-Way Rolling Machine

Raw 70mm 2-Way Rolling Machine

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Raw Phatty 125mm 2-Way Rolling Machine

Raw Phatty 125mm 2-Way Rolling Machine

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Raw 110mm 2-Way Rolling Machine

Raw 110mm 2-Way Rolling Machine

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Raw 79mm 2-Way Rolling Machine

Raw 79mm 2-Way Rolling Machine

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Do Cigarette Rollers Work?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Cigarette rollers work very well and are a trusted tool for smokers around the world. 

If a rolling paper machine didn’t work, it wouldn’t be such a beloved device.

Of course, as with any machine, a joint roller machine might break or wear down eventually; luckily, it is easy to repair these devices.

The first thing that is likely to wear down on your machine roller is its apron, which is the piece of fabric - often vinyl - that the rolling wheels move.

Luckily, replacement aprons for your rolling device are readily available. You can purchase enough to have one on hand whenever it might wear off, though they are quite long-lasting.

Where to Buy Cigarette Rolling Machines

In theory, you could buy rolling machines from any local smoke shop, or even off of sites such as Craigslist, but there’s no guarantee of quality. You may not even find a guarantee that they work!

However, if you want to buy a rolling device from a hand-selected assortment of the highest-quality rolling machines, look no further than the Rolling Machines Collection from SMOKEA®.

The Rolling Machines Collection from SMOKEA® offers a variety of roller machines from your favorite brands, such as RAW and Zig Zag, so that you can pick the joint roller that works best for your needs.

Additionally, with the discreet shipping and convenience of online shopping, you can have your joint roller machine shipped to your house in no time at all.

How Much Does a Cigarette Making Machine Cost?

Machine rollers can vary in cost depending on what you are looking for.

Devices that require more manual effort, such as the RAW Bamboo Rolling Mat are more affordable. However, larger devices can cost upwards of twenty dollars!

Let’s take a deeper look into this price range. Ultimately, you may see that the rolling machine cost is lower than you’d expect.

When it comes to manual hand roller machines, the prices range, with the Zig Zag 70MM Rolling Machine coming in as an affordable option.

On the higher end, we carry automatic rollers such as the RAW 110MM Automatic Rolling Box and signature cone rollers such as the Futurola X Tyson Ranch Cone Roller.

No matter what type of roll machine you use, these devices are a great investment for your smoking activities. However, these deals get sweeter!

At SMOKEA®, we offer our signature Low Price Guarantee. We don’t just match prices - we beat them!

If you can find these rolling devices cheaper than on our site, let us know. We’ll create a special coupon code so that you can enjoy these fantastic devices at a low price.

Where Can I Buy a Blunt?

Here at SMOKEA®, we offer everything you may need to roll your perfect blunt, save for your herbs. 

Aside from your handy joint roller machine, we offer a wide variety of blunt wraps so that you can roll your ideal blunt for a low cost!

How to Use a Rolling Machine

Using rolling machines is simple and is much easier than rolling a joint by hand. While rolling your joints by hand is a fun party trick, you should give your thumbs a break and learn how to use a roller!

If you can use your hands, you can use a joint roller. Companies such as RAW manufacture these devices for ease of use - however, there is still a process to follow.

Luckily, this process is a lot easier than it sounds. Let’s take a look at how to use rolling machines so that you can roll your ideal joints, cigarettes, and blunts with ease!

Grind Your Herb

The first step of any smoking device that relies on herbs is to grind your herb up

If you are an experienced smoker, you already know how to do this - however, if you are a beginner, you may need some tips.

There is a science to grinding up your herb. Thankfully, many people choose to roll their joints with a filter tip, meaning you don’t have to worry about grinding too thin.

Otherwise, grinding your herb too thin can result in you inhaling ash instead of smoke, which is unhealthy and can cause a headache or irritation of the throat, lungs, and chest, as well as asthma attacks.

On the other hand, grinding your herb too large can restrict airflow and reduce how much you can smoke.

Find your ideal size and grind your herb down - you’re one step of the way towards the perfect joint or cigarette.

Position Your Rolling Machine

Your rolling machine will have a minimum of two positions - open and closed. During this step, you will want to set your roller to its ‘open’ setting.

If you have a filter tip, place it at either the left or right end of your roller - this part is entirely up to personal preference. 

If you are sharing your stash, you can place one filter tip on each side of the roller and cut the resulting joint in half to create two small joints.

Certain rolling machines, such as those made by RAW, will offer a variety of options for different size papers and which papers are used with which rollers. Check out our blog explaining the different raw paper sizes.

Evenly Fill Open Rollers With Herb

With your rollers still set in the open position, evenly fill the space with your herb. At this point, your joint or cigarette should begin taking shape, but it is not complete yet.

You must spread your herb evenly; you do not want to end up with a lumpy joint, as that misshapen form can restrict airflow and even cause an uneven burn.

If your herb looks uneven, lightly run your finger over the top of your roller to remove excess herb.

Close The Rollers & Roll

Once you have added your herb and ensured that it is as even as you can get it, set the rollers back to their closed setting. 

During this process, some herbs may have caught in or above the rollers; simply remove them with your finger.

Begin rolling your cigarette paper roller. Some devices, such as those made by RAW, may feature arrows to indicate which direction you should roll your device’s wheels.

Slide Paper Between Rollers

At this point, once you have closed your rollers and ensured that your herb is wound tightly between your joint roller machine’s apron, you can add your paper.

Place the sticky side up, facing you - this should be the same direction as the arrows on your device.

At this point, you should continue to roll until only the top strip of your joint is visible.

Lick The Paper & Continue Rolling

With only the top of your rolling paper visible, lick the top strip, similar to how you would with any other joint or cigarette - or even an envelope.

Continue to roll the wheels a few more times until you feel comfortable with how securely you have rolled your joint. 

You can shake your joint a bit and your joint should fall loose. You now have a fully-rolled joint or cigarette!

Light Up!

At this point, you have a fully-formed joint. The roller will have packed the herbs in this smokable notably tight, giving you a longer burn time.

Now, you have nothing left to do but smoke your joint! Reward yourself with the fruits of your labor.

How to Fix a RAW Rolling Machine

A rolling machine might be a reliable device, but there’s always the chance that something fails, wears down, or gives out.

If your rolling machine is experiencing issues, there are a few simple steps you can take to diagnose these errors and fix them!

Pop Out The Wheels

When you handle your paper roll machine, you may notice that one of its sides has two notches. These notches will allow you to pop the wheels out of your roller.

Pull down on your roller’s apron and pull one wheel up, allowing the plastic to bend slightly. Don’t use too much force - you don’t want it to snap! 

Once one wheel is out, repeat the process with the second wheel.

Ensure Wheels Are Rotating Properly

If you believe your roller is broken because the wheels are not turning properly, examine the wheels to see what went wrong. 

If you have used this rolling machine long enough, the wheels may have worn down, making the rolling motion uneven and unreliable.

Alternatively, you may have dropped it and something will have broken. This is no issue, either - with some sandpaper and super glue, you can have your rolling machine working in no time!

Apply New Apron

The most frequent issue with a rolling machine is that its apron will have broken or worn out, and even then, this is infrequent, as vinyl aprons are long-lasting.

Once you have popped out the device’s wheels, remove the apron and apply a new one. Re-install your wheels and get rolling!