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What Are Rolling Trays?

Imagine having a dedicated place to keep all your materials for rolling joints. A rolling tray can serve as a clean, level surface for you to roll up on. Most trays come with little borders around them, too. Never again will you accidentally spill your beloved herbs all over the ground! Up until now, you might have used a plate or a magazine as a makeshift surface for rolling joints (which is fine, but admittedly not the best).

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, "This plate does the job just fine; why bother with a rolling tray?" It's true, you could make do with the (mostly) flat surface of a dinner plate or even a park bench (should you find yourself needing to roll up outside). However, you'd be missing out on the advantages of using a high-quality rolling tray. You also risk spilling your herb everywhere when you roll up on a surface that’s not completely level or stable.

What is a rolling tray, exactly? We’re glad you asked! It is a simple, flat, rectangular tray that’s designed to make the process of rolling joints much easier. These trays come in lots of different sizes and are typically crafted from lightweight materials like bamboo, plastic, tin, or aluminum. These trays tend to appeal to those who prefer joints over vapes and pipes — which makes sense.

What Are Rolling Trays Used For?

Rolling trays are a practical solution for keeping all your rolling supplies and materials well-organized and in one place. A high-quality tray will also, of course, give you a smooth and even surface to roll joints on. Their main purpose is to catch any loose materials that might slip out of your fingers or the rolling paper as you’re rolling up.

They are also specifically designed to sit comfortably on your lap, which makes the entire process of rolling a joint much easier. After you're done rolling up, these can conveniently double as a storage space for all your smoking accessories. If you’ve been wondering where you’re supposed to keep your papers and herbs when you’re not using them, you’ll definitely want to look into rolling trays!

In a nutshell, these are made to simplify the often intricate task of rolling joints and blunts. While some people might choose to roll directly on their kitchen counters, plates, or coffee tables, this approach usually ends in a mess — with bits of herb scattered around and tools at risk of falling onto the floor and getting damaged. This is just one reason why rolling trays are so useful.

A Brief History

Rolling trays have a long and interesting history that dates back to the early days of rolling tobacco. Although the exact beginning is a bit of a mystery, it's generally believed that the first rolling papers appeared in the Spanish court. These papers became more popular during the 18th century and played a major role in the growing culture around smoking. Eventually, people started using them to roll their dry herbs, especially during the Reefer Madness era.

Back then, smoking herb wasn't widely accepted, so people turned to using paper to roll their joints (probably due to the discreteness factor). While they were (mostly) pretty handy, these old-style rolling papers had their challenges. Rolling up flower could get pretty messy, and you had to spend a lot of time separating the good stuff from the seeds and stems. People also realized that they needed a nice, flat surface to roll their joints on — enter the rolling tray.

By the 1970s, trays made of teak wood and stainless steel surged in popularity. These trays provided a smooth surface for rolling joints and helped cut down on the messiness of rolling joints, blunts, and cigarettes quite a lot. As time went on, the variety of materials used expanded, going beyond just wood and steel. Nowadays, they are made from all sorts of materials, which means people can pick and choose trays based on the type of material they like best.

Today, rolling trays are still as popular as ever. The focus, however, has shifted to creating products that not only work well but also look good. Whether it's the modern shine of aluminum or the natural charm of bamboo, they have become a must-have for smoking enthusiasts. Not only are they super functional, but they’ll add a touch of style to your smoking experience. With so many options available, choosing the perfect rolling tray has become quite difficult for some. Don’t worry, though — with SMOKEA®, you’re sure to find one that speaks to your heart!

The Advantages of Using a Rolling Tray

At first glance, a rolling tray might appear “too basic.” This is a good thing, though. If anything, the simple design makes it easier to use. It’s also worth noting that a lot of designs are nothing but simple — just look at all of the Marvel and Character rolling trays out there.

Both experienced smokers and newbies will love the convenience, ease, and style that rolling trays have to offer. Let’s take a closer look at said advantages (and more) below. These benefits might just inspire you to purchase an awesome tray of your very own. Remember, you can easily find plenty of unique options online at SMOKEA®’s website:

Keep All of Your Rolling Tray Accessories in One Place

It’s always frustrating when your rolling process gets interrupted because you can't locate your rolling papers or lighter. Thankfully, with a rolling tray, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of your smoking accessories. When you’re not using it, it can essentially serve as a storage spot for your papers, grinder, and other smoking tools. It’s also a great way to keep everything in one place while you’re rolling up. At any rate, it’s better than having your supplies scattered all over the coffee table!

Most are equipped with built-in sections or hollows, which can be used as additional space for organizing your rolling supplies. Although rolling trays are, once again, quite simple as far as design goes, they do come with a variety of features — which you’ll want to take into consideration when you’re picking out your own. Remember, you can never go wrong with a classic rolling tray with raised edges. This is especially true if you tend to spill your herb a lot. It happens to the best of us!

You’ll Be Less Likely to Make a Mess (And Waste Supplies)

We all know how messy rolling a joint can get. For beginners, in particular, rolling a joint can be sort of… well… disastrous, to say the least. Even those who are experienced might accidentally drop some of their herb or trim off bits of card stock while making their filter tips. In a nutshell, without a rolling tray, the process of rolling a joint tends to be more chaotic than it needs to be.

Thankfully, a rolling tray — whether it’s a simple white tray, or a fun, “Smoke Wars” rolling tray with Baby Yoda’s face printed on — will catch anything that might slip out of your hands while you’re rolling up. It also makes it super easy to clean up afterward. Thanks to its raised edges, it ensures that no crumbs or bits manage to escape. You’ll no longer have to worry about crumbs and stems getting all over the floor, which is great news if you have pets who like to snack on random things they find scattered about.

Incredibly Convenient

Have you ever rolled a joint on your lap and ended up with bits and pieces of sticky herb all over your jeans? This is never a pleasant experience, and it’s one of the main reasons why having a nifty little tray on hand at all times is a great idea. We often find ourselves rolling joints outside where there’s (usually) no coffee table. With your trusty-dusty rolling tray, you’ll be able to roll joints out on the back patio without making a huge mess and wasting a bunch of smoking material.

Rolling the perfect joint requires a flat surface — even the most seasoned smoking connoisseurs will tell you that! Your lap is obviously not a flat surface, nor is the plate or magazine you’re currently using as a makeshift rolling tray. Magazines bend easily, and plates aren’t all that flat in the first place. Rolling trays are also much easier to carry around or stow in your bag. You’ll be able to roll up no matter where you are!


Quality herb doesn't come cheap, and it's a real shame to accidentally waste it by sweeping it off the table or tossing it into the trash. This kind of mishap happens more frequently than you might think. How many times have you dropped freshly ground herb and then tried to rescue it by brushing it into your hand, only to gather up bits of lint and dirt as well? Understandably, most people would rather discard dropped flower than roll it up to smoke.

As previously mentioned, a rolling tray comes in handy for catching those little bits that slip out of your fingers during the rolling process. In those rare instances where you drop rolling paper — filled to the brim with precious herb — you'll be grateful that you chose to use a rolling tray. While some with added compartments can be pricey, a regular one with raised edges won't put a dent in your wallet, and it'll get the job done. Consider it a budget-friendly investment that might end up saving you a significant amount of money in the long run.

A Portable Work Station You Can Take Anywhere

Rolling a joint at a table is the easiest way to do it. Having a table or desk to work on gives you a good amount of space to spread out all your supplies and smoking accessories — not to mention, you won’t feel rushed or crowded while doing it (unless there are a bunch of people around, in which case you can say: “Give me some space! I’m rolling a joint!”). If you're new to rolling joints, having a surface to lean your elbows or wrists on can help you get the hang of it, too.

However, there will undoubtedly be times when you can't find a table or flat surface that's suitable for rolling a joint on. That's when a rolling tray comes in handy as a portable workstation. It allows you to easily roll a joint on your lap without actually, you know, rolling a joint on your lap. You can easily fit a small rolling tray into your handbag, and if you've got a bigger one, it might even fit in your backpack. Having a joint-rolling setup with you at all times means you'll never have to worry about finding a table when the urge to roll up hits you.

Roll Up on a Clean, Flat Surface Every Time

Let’s face it — there’s something kind of icky about rolling a joint on a park bench or public table. Park benches and picnic tables are covered in dirt, germs, and God knows what else. Having a rolling tray on hand is a great way to make sure that the joints you’re rolling are actually clean and sanitary.

Given that the joint ultimately ends up between your lips, it's best to steer clear of using public tables and park benches to roll up. Sometimes, though, you have no other choice. Once again, this is where a rolling tray might come in handy. As previously mentioned, you’ll also be a lot less likely to lose pieces of herb if you’re keeping everything contained.

Stylish Designs

Not only are rolling trays portable and convenient, but they’re super stylish, too! Just imagine rolling a joint on a tray that features your favorite character, Vincent van Gogh, or Albert Einstein. If you love animals, you can easily find rolling trays on SMOKEA®’s website featuring vibrant artwork of lions, elephants, and chameleons.

You can also, of course, get a nice walnut wood rolling tray or a tray that folds out like a miniature TV dinner tray if that’s what floats your boat. Some come with extra compartments, and will therefore be higher end, but these types of trays will also help you keep track of your supplies, so you’ll be saving money in the long run.

The Different Types

We’ve already discussed how rolling trays come in a lot of different styles. Some give off that cool, “retro” vibe, while others are designed with sleek compartments and minimalistic features. Some are cute and tiny, while others are rather large and chunky. There’s truly a rolling tray out there for everyone!

As mentioned earlier, rolling trays are made from a few different types of materials — from acrylic to glass, to bamboo, to metal. Let’s take a look at the different types below so that you can get a better idea of what you want to get out of your new rolling tray (and the smoking experience it offers).


Acrylic trays are a budget-friendly option, and they tend to outshine regular plastic rolling trays due to their durability and lightweight design. Their resistance to high temperatures also comes in handy, especially if you end up having to leave your tray in a hot car. Just be careful with them — unfortunately, scratches can affect the quality of your roll and may even attract unwanted debris.


Bamboo trays, which are made from sustainable and affordable bamboo, have a lightweight yet sturdy build to them. Bamboo is a super strong material, and it has natural antibacterial properties, too! Bamboo rolling trays also tend to be very aesthetically pleasing to look at. Just make sure to pay attention to how the bamboo is treated and varnished because not all finishes are suitable for direct contact with your lips.


Meanwhile, glass rolling trays serve as eye-catching decorative pieces, although their heavy weight makes them less ideal for easy transportation. Despite their luxurious appearance, they often come with a higher price tag. Quality glass trays, however, are known for their durability and can last a long time if handled with care. The downside? If you accidentally drop your glass tray, there’s a high chance it might shatter all over the floor. You’ll want to be extra careful if you decide to get a glass one.


Marble rolling trays may appear lavish — which is great for those who like the aesthetic aspect — but not all of them are genuine marble. Most are made of acrylic with a marbled effect. This isn’t a bad thing, though, since genuine marble is heavier and higher end. That said, the design of a marble rolling tray's edges can sometimes fall short, either with a sharp box edge that collects dust or a gently curved slope that won’t always hold your roll in place.


Metal rolling trays are a total classic. They’ve certainly got their own charm, and a lot of enthusiasts consider them to be valuable collector's items when they’re in good condition. Modern versions of metal trays often have a brushed, stainless steel appearance. While smaller metal trays are favored because of their portability, they typically lack compartments, which might be a downside for those who prefer a more organized smoking setup. 

What Type of Rolling Tray Is the Most Durable?

As we discussed earlier, rolling trays are made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from wood to plastic, to acrylic, and glass. While plastic trays tend to be favored by novice smokers in particular because of their affordability, some smoking enthusiasts prefer the natural, eco-friendly vibe of wooden rolling trays — especially when they’re made from sustainable materials, like bamboo.

However, if you're in the market for a tray that can truly stand the test of time, you’ll probably want to get a metal rolling tray. Metal trays are made from strong, durable materials (typically aluminum), and are specifically designed to endure frequent and heavy usage. Their tough design allows them to withstand travel — in other words, you won’t have to worry about your rolling tray getting bent or scratched if you keep it in your backpack while walking around town.

When it comes to longevity, a metal rolling tray will also be one of the best options. Once again, these trays are capable of handling a lot of wear and tear. Whether you're a seasoned smoking enthusiast or have only just started rolling joints, you really can’t go wrong with opting for a metal tray. We think that bamboo trays are probably the second-best choice, and they may be more aesthetically pleasing to some. It just depends on what you want to get out of your joint-rolling experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of a rolling tray?

Rolling trays have a fundamental purpose: they provide a clean, flat surface for you to prepare your herb and roll your joints on. Whether you're grinding up flower or meticulously rolling the perfect joint, these trays are a must-have for those who love smoking and toking. The fact that they offer a flat, clean, designated space is what attracts a lot of people to these trays — no more rolling up dust or random debris into your joints!

When you're grinding herbs or handling rolling papers, there's always the risk of small crumbs or bits spilling out all over the place — especially if you’re trying to roll a joint in your lap. Rolling trays are great because they’re able to catch these remnants, therefore keeping them from littering your floor or getting stuck in your carpet. As you can imagine, this also makes the post-smoking cleanup process super easy. Instead of frantically searching for and tidying up misplaced herb pieces, you can easily sweep or collect any residue right from the tray.

What are rolling trays called?

Rolling trays are also sometimes called “smoke trays” or “blunt trays”. As we mentioned before, they are basically portable flat surfaces you can use to roll your joints or blunts on. If you’re tired of getting herb all over your pants or spilling it whenever you try to roll a joint on your coffee table, you may just want to consider investing in one. Depending on the material that the rolling tray is made of, you can get a lot of bang for your buck, too!

What type of rolling tray should I get?

This is a matter of personal preference. When on the hunt for the perfect rolling tray, you’ll likely come across options that are made from a lot of different materials. Most of the time, quality rolling trays will be made from metal or wood. Plastic is probably going to be the most budget-friendly choice, but it’s not the best option in terms of durability.

Metal rolling trays, on the other hand, are celebrated for their robustness — in comparison to plastic and even wood, they’re sure to stand the test of time. As with all types of trays, there's a catch, though. Metal trays can develop rust, especially if they're exposed to moisture or aren't cleaned regularly. Just make sure to take good care of your rolling tray, and you should be golden!

What are some cool rolling trays?

Specialty rolling trays (which some simply refer to as “cool” rolling trays) are trays that go above and beyond the basic design, you’ll typically come across in brick-and-mortar dispensaries or even online head shops. These tend to be incredibly versatile — they may come with lots of different slots and compartments (you can consider them to be the “Swiss army knives” of rolling trays).

You can use these extra compartments for whatever you want, though, most choose to invest in cool rolling trays because they can store their grinder, extra herb, and rolling papers in these nifty little spaces. Specialty options also, sometimes, come with lids — which means you won’t have to worry about your smoking supplies spilling out everywhere if your rolling tray happens to get knocked over when you’re not using it.