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Honeybee Herb Rig/Bong Travel Pack
Honeybee Herb Rig/Bong Travel Pack
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Pulsar RIP Series Gravity Bong
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Piecemaker x SiliPint Kommuter Silicone Bong - SMOKEA®
Piecemaker x SiliPint Kommuter Silicone Bong
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Puffco Cupsy Bong
Puffco Cupsy Bong
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Silicone Pipes | What Are They? 

This durable silicone smoking pipe offers a great, smooth smoke experience. They’re low maintenance and incredibly flexible.

If you’ve never seen a silicone pipe before, then you might be wondering: Is Silicone Glass?

The answer is no. Silicone is not glass. While silicone and glass are the most common materials in smoking appliances, they could not be more different.

Glass is a transparent, crystal-like material, whereas silicone is a polymer that comes in an oil or rubber-like form. 

Now, despite its name, a silicone pipe is not just your normal run-of-the-mill hand pipe.

Silicone pipes come in all shapes and forms. For example: 

These are just a few of the many kinds of silicone smoking devices available. You can explore other various silicone pipes at our SMOKEA® online collection. We have something for everyone. 

That said, there’s something particularly special when it comes to silicone smoke pipes. 

For smokers who lack delicate hands, a silicone pipe is an excellent option. With their silicone composition, your silicone bowl pipes and bongs will not break like traditional glass pipes and bongs

Now granted, most silicone hand pipes do have a removable glass bowl, but that glass bowl is secured by silicone. So even if you drop it, the chances of it breaking are very slim.

With that said, silicone pipes are rapidly gaining popularity in the world of smokers.

But why?

Smoking Silicone 

While silicone was invented in the early 1820s, it wasn’t until the late 1940s that it was finally introduced to the masses in the form of Silly Putty. 

From there, silicone has come a long way… and we mean a very long way. In fact, in 1969, Neil Armstrong wore boots with silicone soles to leave his footprint on the moon. 

These days, you can find silicone in just about anything. But certain silicones offer something special when it comes to creating smoking equipment. 

You see, silicone pipes are formed using a polymer blend. This blend is made by heating sand with quartz to create a high-quality polymer substance. 

To make the silicone pipe even higher quality, manufacturers also use a combination of silicone, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen in their formulation process. This process allows it to be highly durable and safe from exposure to extreme heat. 

You can find silicone products in the medical field, as well as the food industry. 

When you buy a high-quality silicone pipe from SMOKEA®, you get one that’s highly functional and food-grade safe. 


How Do Silicone Pipes Work?

Silicone pipes are fairly simple to use. A silicone pipe is no different from its glass counterparts. You would operate a silicone pipe the same way as a glass pipe.

However, not all silicone pipes are created the same. 

As we mentioned above, there are many different types of silicone pipes to choose from. Silicone bongs typically work the same as regular silicone hand pipes and other silicone smoking spoons

But a silicone water pipe uses water to filter your smoke so that you can have a nice smooth hit every time you inhale. 

Determining how your silicone pipe will work is based on the type of silicone pipe you buy. 

However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to silicone dab spoons and other silicone pipe options. 

For example, a silicone bong at a lower price point might seem like a money saver for you at the time of purchase. But if the silicone bong pipe isn’t crafted with high-quality silicone material, your money is essentially wasted. 

While we’re all for buying affordable silicone bongs and pipes, we’re not in favor of buying lower-quality silicone pipes that are poorly made/designed.

At SMOKEA®, we offer a wide selection of silicone bowls for smoking, a silicone pipe with dabbers, rubber smoking pipes with lids, travel-size silicone pipes, and even those cute silicone bongs that come in a variety of designs. 

And here’s the best part… All the silicone pipe options are created by reputable smoke brands that value high-quality materials.  

Because the last thing you want to spend your hard-earned money on is a silicone bong or pipe that is created using questionable silicone/rubber materials. 

This brings us to… 

Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

Ah, we knew this question would come up. Are silicone bongs bad or safe? That is the question. Let us put your mind at ease… Yes, silicone bongs are safe to use. That is if they are made with high-quality materials. 

We get it… If you don’t know what silicone is, it’s easy to assume that it might be harmful to your health. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Do us a quick favor: Take a look at your kitchen. Chances are you have at least one cooking utensil or device that’s made with silicone. 

You see, food-grade silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius or 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s pretty high!

This means silicone bongs are just as safe as their glass counterparts, if not more.

Being heat resistant to extreme temperatures, your high-quality silicone pipe or bong won’t melt or burn up. And you won’t be inhaling any harmful chemicals or toxins from silicone smoke. 

But that’s not all… Unlike glass, the construction of silicone is virtually indestructible. If your pipe is entirely silicone, you could spike it like a football, and it may come out unscathed. 

However, dropping or breaking your glass pipe can be a health hazard due to the pieces of sharp, jagged glass, but silicone bongs circumvent this issue by remaining in one piece!

Now, this durability factor does not mean you should try to break your silicone pipe. While silicone can withstand plenty of damage, putting effort into breaking your silicone pipe will surely pay off, much to your detriment.


Differences Between Silicone & Glass Pipes

The differences between silicone and glass pipes are fairly obvious. One is made of glass, while the other is made of silicone polymer material. 

Now we get it… glass pipes may be more attractive and indicate a higher level of craftsmanship. But silicone pipes are more durable and easier to clean or transport. They also come in a variety of designs. 

At SMOKEA® we have tons of unique and cute silicone bongs to choose from, like: 

  • Ice Cream-shaped silicone pipes
  • UFO Silicone water pipe & dab straw 
  • Silicone pocket pipes
  • Silicone balloon dog water pipes
  • Cigar-shaped silicone pipes  
  • Rubber duck water pipes 
  • Kommuter-style silicone bongs with detachable lid
  • Ooze Ozone silicone bong with hidden storage 
  • Eyce silicone mini rig 
  • And more… 

We also have silicone wax pipe straw accessories that can enhance your smoke experience. Needless to say, we could go on and on about all of our unique silicone flower pipes and bongs, but let’s get back to the difference between silicone and glass pipes. 

Unlike glass, silicone pipes enhance the flavor of your smoke. 

You see, silicone is a porous material, and therefore, silicone rubber pipes may retain flavor and smoke less than their glass counterparts.

Silicone is also easier to clean. 

If you’ve never used a silicone bong or pipe before, then get ready for your mind to be blown… 

Silicone offers a unique non-stick surface. This allows it to be easily cleaned. 

Now we know that glass is also somewhat non-stick, but depending on how long you go between cleaning and not cleaning, the resin from your herb can build into a hot mess. And cleaning glass can be a pain. Especially if you don’t have the right cleaning materials

Since silicone is so flexible, the overall cleaning process of how to clean a silicone pipe is much simpler. 

That said, we can’t stress to you enough the importance of cleaning your silicone pipes on a regular basis. This also includes your glass pipes. 

And lucky for you, here at SMOKEA®, we offer the full line of Formula 420 products. These products are the industry’s leading pipe cleaners, which make cleaning as easy as 1-2-3. 

We also offer Rez Block, which helps prevent resin from building up in your water pipes. 

Maintaining a clean glass and silicone pipe will make all the difference in your overall smoke experience. It also ensures that your glass and silicone pipe will last a long time. 

Now, speaking of lasting a long time, you might be wondering… 

How Long Do Silicone Pipes Last?

The most significant and widely-beloved benefit of a silicone pipe is its durability. Thankfully, this extends to a pipe’s lifespan, too.

If you properly take care of and regularly clean your silicone smoking bowl, it can last for up to a decade. 

However, if you neglect properly cleaning and maintaining your silicone pipe, it’s not going to last nearly that long. 

If you want your silicone pipes to last for years and maintain their high-performing abilities, you’ll want to keep them clean. 

Explore our wide selection of pipe cleaning solutions, pipe cleaners, and more. We promise it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

Now, let’s look at… 

How Do You Use a Silicone Pipe?

Using a silicone pipe is just like using your favorite glass pipes. If you’ve used a glass bong or hand pipe before, it will feel the same!

If your silicone flower pipe is a water pipe such as a bong, you simply need to add water to the chamber, add your herbs, and then light up.

For regular silicone hand pipes, simply put your flower into the bowl and light up! It’s just as easy as you remember.

However, some silicone pipes may be a bit more difficult. Let’s take a look at… 

How To Use an Eyce Spoon

The Eyce Spoon is a popular silicone dab pipe. It’s easy to use and is considered a very popular silicone bowl pipe for beginners. This is because the Eyce silicone bowl is very versatile. 

With its glass bowl, the Eyce spoon acts as a regular rubber smoking bowl or a silicone oil pipe. So it can hold plenty of fresh herb and can be transported just about anywhere. Not to mention, its glass bowl is removable. Thus making it easy for you to clean. 

Now, you’re probably still wondering how to use a silicone dab pipe or an Eyce spoon. And we’re here to tell ya that it’s super simple. 

Just fill the removable glass bowl with your choice of herb flower, then place your mouth up to the mouthpiece. With your other hand, light it up and inhale.

However, there is a twist. The Eyce spoon features a carb hole on the side to help regulate your smoke intake. You’ll need to leave a finger free so that you can cover and release the carb hole to adjust how much smoke you inhale at one time. 

We love silicone Eyce bowls and we highly recommend you give them a try. 

This brings us to… 

Finding the Best Silicone Pipes to Meet Your Needs 

There are a ton of silicone bongs for sale on the market. 

You can Google “Silicone pipe shops near me” and a list of stores will pop up. But here’s the deal… You won’t find a larger selection of silicone bowls and smoking pipes than ours. 

Here at SMOKEA®, we’re truly your one-stop shop for all your smoking needs. 

Not only do we offer a wide collection of silicone pipes, but all of our silicone products are created using high-quality, food-grade materials. 

What’s more, the cost of our silicone pipes remain some of the most affordable in the industry. 

If you’re ready to take your smoke experience to the next level, then give one of our silicone pipes a try. Explore our smoke shop today, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.