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5 Myths About Vaping and Vaporizers

 5 Myths About Vaping and Vaporizers

Being a fairly new trend, vaping has already stirred up controversy among the smokers and non-smokers alike. Some of the controversy, however, revolves around uneducated assumptions and a lack of sufficient research on the devices themselves. Here we will dispel five common misconceptions people have about vaporizers and vaping so that users can enjoy a safer alternative to smoking their products.

  1. Vaping is just as dangerous for your health as smoking. First, smoking requires burning your product, which releases carcinogens, ash, and a whole host of other material into the air. Vaporizers only pass heated air and water vapor over your loaded product to deliver to you the effects you desire. There is no burning of the product whatsoever, so you aren’t breathing in the hundreds of chemicals you would be from smoking. Second, the ingredients in e-liquids, with the exception of nicotine, are all found in other common products we use every day and haven’t yet been found to create substantial harm to our bodies.
  2. Vaporizer batteries are explosive. While batteries can fry and become dangerous, proper use of any battery should prevent it from exploding in your pocket. Like all batteries, vaporizer batteries need adequate ventilation for the heat they produce, while in use or while charging, to escape. When the vents are blocked, the heat and the pressure from the closed environment can result in an explosion. Some brands of vaporizer batteries have been exposed as defective, so it’s important to practice due diligence and read up on battery safety before using these devices. As long as they are properly handled, these devices are as safe to use as your cell phone. (See our latest vaporizer recommendation here.)
  3. Second-hand vape is just as bad as second-hand smoke. Because vaporizers don’t burn any actual product, they don’t release as many carcinogens as cigarettes. While second-hand vape can carry nicotine with it, the amount is negligible. Countless studies have proven how harmful second-hand smoke is, but second-hand vape will only prove to be far less harmful as more studies are done on these devices.
  4. Vaporizers aren’t federally regulated. When vaporizers were first introduced on the market, it’s true that they weren’t federally regulated. However, the FDA now holds vape shops and manufacturers to much higher standards for their products. The testing most vape shops perform in addition to the FDA regulations ensures you will get safe and good quality product.
  5. Vaping is a gateway to smoking. Vaporizers were actually created to help people quit smoking with a healthier alternative to lighting their product on fire. Smoking carries with it a negative stigma, foul odor, and many health risks. It’s no wonder smokers are turning to vaping to escape the negative consequences of smoking. Instead of vaping leading to smoking, studies have shown that people are actually going from smoking to vaping to curb their habit. Very few people pick up vaping without any history of smoking.

While rumors and poorly conducted studies have raised panic about vaporizers and vaping products, the truth is that vaping is far less dangerous for you than smoking. Vaporizers can help regular smokers cut back or completely abolish their habit, or they can be used as a safer option for inhaling product.

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