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Advantages of Raw Rolling Products

Advantages of Raw Rolling Products 0

Creating an enjoyable smoking session is a ritual-like experience. For many, it begins with making the right selection of rolling papers. Raw Natural Rolling Papers are a good choice for this reason, especially for the conscious smoker who wishes to smoke only the most natural materials.
Bong Shapes for Dummies

Bong Shapes for Dummies 0

With regards to smoking tobacco, there are a lot of strategies and pieces that smokers need to browse. In any case, nothing beats the cool, smooth hits that a bong can give. As bongs have advanced from an underground development promoted by Tommy Chong to a standard smoking strategy, glass crafters have consummated a wide range of styles. The question is: how important is the bong shape? Peruse on to find out about the contrasts between these styles, and help you to pick the ideal bong shape for you.
What Is Bob Marley's Rise Up Movement?

What Is Bob Marley's Rise Up Movement? 0

Rise Up™ is a global movement of entrepreneurs who are striving to make a difference in the local environment. According to its founders, the initiative’s projects are based on creating “positive social change, environmental sustainability, and lifting up communities that have been harmed by the social injustices of cannabis prohibition.”
High Temp Vs. Low Temp Dabbing

High Temp Vs. Low Temp Dabbing 0

Dabbing has gained a lot of popularity in the past five years. With dabbing becoming more popular, debates on how to properly dab concentrates have weaved into conversations among beginners and professionals alike. One of these popular topics is at what temperature range is the most effective for dabbing. 
History of Storz & Bickel

History of Storz & Bickel 0

Today we are going back in time to give you the story of how one of the most powerful names in the vaping industry got started. If you are a fan of the legendary Volcano vaping system, or have used the Crafty and Mighty handheld vapes, then you know exactly who we are talking about — the German powerhouse, Storz & Bickel.

History of Phil Jergenson: Creator of the Original Proto Pipe and Mendo Pipe

History of Phil Jergenson: Creator of the Original Proto Pipe and Mendo Pipe 0

If you’ve been smoking with hand pipes for awhile now, you may have come across a couple of unique designs created by legendary pipe maker Phil Jergenson. His first invention was the Proto Pipe, which he designed and produced in the 1960’s. Though there have been imitation pipes circulated throughout the years, none come close to the quality and craftmanship of the original design.