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Bong Names From Around the World

Bong Names From Around the World 0

Pass the pipe. Who has a "piece"? So many names and types of devices that people use to smoke out of. One of the most common names is a water pipe or 'bong' to describe a type of pipe that uses air and water to filter and cool smoke. Also, there are variations of a standard bong like a gravity bong and double chamber. These are fairly standard names of these smoking devices in the US that a majority of people may know, but what about other places in the world?
History of Storz & Bickel

History of Storz & Bickel 0

Today we are going back in time to give you the story of how one of the most powerful names in the vaping industry got started. If you are a fan of the legendary Volcano vaping system, or have used the Crafty and Mighty handheld vapes, then you know exactly who we are talking about — the German powerhouse, Storz & Bickel.

History of Phil Jergenson: Creator of the Original Proto Pipe and Mendo Pipe

History of Phil Jergenson: Creator of the Original Proto Pipe and Mendo Pipe 0

If you’ve been smoking with hand pipes for awhile now, you may have come across a couple of unique designs created by legendary pipe maker Phil Jergenson. His first invention was the Proto Pipe, which he designed and produced in the 1960’s. Though there have been imitation pipes circulated throughout the years, none come close to the quality and craftmanship of the original design.
The History of GRAV

The History of GRAV 0

Their products being a staple amongst many online smoke shop retailers today, GRAV (formerly GRAV Labs) began as pet project for founder Dave Daily, who would have never expected his first invention would spawn a multi-million dollar company.

History of the Bong

History of the Bong 0

Many believe the water pipe was a fancy upgrade to rolled cigarettes, invented during the hippie era. While glass water pipes certainly gained popularity in the western world during that time, the water pipe itself actually has roots that go back long before the Vietnam War, or even the founding of Vietnam itself. Let us break down the history of how the "buang" became the "bong".

The Hookah: A History

The Hookah: A History 0

For most people, the first time they saw a hookah was in the Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland.” I still remember him, all blue and stretched out on that off-purple lounger, blowing smoke in the shape of the vowels as a bewildered Alice looked on. My folks smoked cigarettes so I’d seen that before, but I’d never seen a tall vase with a hose coming out of it being lackadaisically puffed on by a gigantic humanoid insect. Fortunately, gigantic humanoid insects that dryly feed us riddles aren’t real, but hookahs are, and they’re pretty interesting.