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Blog — History

The Hookah: A History

The Hookah: A History 0

For most people, the first time they saw a hookah was in the Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland.” I still remember him, all blue and stretched out on that off-purple lounger, blowing smoke in the shape of the vowels as a bewildered Alice looked on. My folks smoked cigarettes so I’d seen that before, but I’d never seen a tall vase with a hose coming out of it being lackadaisically puffed on by a gigantic humanoid insect. Fortunately, gigantic humanoid insects that dryly feed us riddles aren’t real, but hookahs are, and they’re pretty interesting.

The Proto Pipe: A Must Have for Any Time-Traveling Seafarer

The Proto Pipe: A Must Have for Any Time-Traveling Seafarer 0

I’ll be honest with you, the first time I saw a Proto Pipe, I thought it was a miniature telescope or perhaps a brass derringer. Turned out it was neither, but instead a true all-in-one smoking experience: stash space, poker, bowl, and mouthpiece. Not only does that, but it also completely disassembles for easy storage (not that it takes up much space to begin with.) College-freshman me was instantly envious of this spy pipe and wanted one.

A Song of Glass and Fire: A History

A Song of Glass and Fire: A History 0

I don’t know about you, but history fascinates me. There are things we use everyday that have unique, interesting backgrounds and storied origins. Some even have controversial beginnings, like the War of the Currents between Tesla and Edison, or the invention of the intermittent wiper-blade (I know that sounds boring but it’s worth reading about, Ford and Chrysler combined had to pay over $40 million to this inventor for basically stealing his idea.) Naturally, I began to wonder where the spoons and pipes we all know and love started. As much as I love to picture Ancient Greeks passing around a Zeus-shaped bong complete with a lightning-shaped arm/bowl, I’d have to assume that most glassworks came from more humble beginnings.