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Dabbing on a Budget - Dab Rigs Under $50

 close up of dab extracts

Dabbing is not a new phenomenon, though it is rising in popularity. A rise in popularity can also mean a rise in cost, but it doesn’t have to. Check out our guide to dabbing on a budget, including our top picks for dab rigs under $50. Because it shouldn’t be hard to put together the cheapest dab setup you can without sacrificing quality.

What Is Dabbing?

Unless you’re completely disconnected from the smoking world, you’ve likely heard of dabbing. If you’re already familiar, feel free to skip ahead. If not, here’s a brief rundown.

Dabbing is when you place a concentrated substance on what’s called a nail and heat it to extremely high temperatures. This produces a vapor you can then inhale.

Hopefully, you’ve found a quality dab rig under $50 to enjoy this pastime. If not, keep reading!

What Is a Dab Rig?

“Dab rig” is a general term that actually covers a wide variety of equipment. A traditional dab rig, for example, comes in various designs including silicone, glass, and electric. They all usually include a nail, a way to percolate the smoke, and a mouthpiece.

There’s also dab straws and nectar collectors, which are smaller and more portable. Instead of using a nail, you heat one end of the device and touch it to the dab in a separate container to inhale the smoke.

You can also use vape pens to dab. These are excellent as they are super small and travel-ready. In addition to dab rigs under $50, they’re a useful part of the cheapest dab setup you can put together.

Affordable Dab Rigs

Okay, it’s time to dig into our top picks for affordable dab rigs to add to your setup. Let’s go.

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig

product shot of MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig

This clear glass rig is an absolute beauty. It perfectly blends a classic look with modern features. It has a reinforced base with a connected discus percolator. This helps the vapor split into tiny bubbles for stellar diffusion.

Then, the vapor gets spun into a vortex for a second rinse in the internal chamber. This constant flow of water and vapor spin means every single hit is fresh and full of flavor. If you need a dab rig under $50, you can’t go wrong with the Ursa.

We even added a rear-mounted downstem and built-in reclaim catcher to prevent spills and clogging. It doesn’t get any more functional or easy to use than that. Plus, it’s a mini-rig, so you save space AND money while building the cheapest dab setup ever.

Eyce Silicone Rig 2.0

Want an alternative to glass? This durable, easy-to-clean marvel has your name on it. The Eyce Silicone Rig 2.0 is a solid upgrade from its predecessor. It’s got reinforced chamber walls and enhanced stability, so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over during your smoke sesh.

This made our list of the best dab rigs under $50 because of its upgrades. A new 10mm glass collar to hold the titanium nail and act as a heat barrier protects the silicone and extends the life of your rig. Saving money AND it lasts longer? Count us in.

Plus, the stem cap has thicker silicone walls. Add in the built-in concentrate container and five tool slots and you basically have a complete dab setup in this one piece.

White Rhino Quartz Straw and SMOKEA Silicone Nectar Collector

Remember how we said dab straws and nectar collectors are a thing in our list of dab rigs under $50? The White Rhino Quartz Straw and SMOKEA Silicone Nectar Collector take the cake in this category.

They’re the absolute best way to take your cheapest dab setup ever on the go. Just heat up the extra-durable quartz end of the straw or the titanium nail of the nectar collector and dab it into your favorite extracts. Enjoy smooth hits no matter where you are.

The straw comes with a silicone cap to prevent messes and the nectar collector comes with a similar silicone cap to hold your dabs. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Yocan Evolve Plus Quartz Dual Coil Vaporizer

product shot of Yocan Evolve Plus Quartz Dual Coil Vaporizer

Rounding out our collection of dab rigs under $50 is the Yocan Evolve Plus Quartz Dual Coil Vaporizer. The “Plus” refers to the enhancements Yocan gave to its original Evolve. These include a bigger battery and chamber for longer life between charges and more storage.

It also features dual coils made from quartz (as opposed to the traditional fiber in other vape pens) which offers a clean and smooth vaping experience with your dab extracts. Lastly, there’s a built-in silicone jar at the bottom to store your materials for the ultimate convenience.

Shop Dab Rigs Under $50 from SMOKEA®

Put together the cheapest dab setup ever when you shop with us. Enjoy our low price guarantee in addition to our free shipping on orders over $10. Dabbing on a budget has never been so accessible.

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