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Four Ways Incense Can Improve Your Smoking Session

 Four Ways Incense Can Improve Your Smoking Session

The aroma of incense has been used for spiritual and non-spiritual purposes for thousands of years. Not only does incense smell nice, but various spiritual leaders and healers have used the aromatic properties to aid in healing processes and increase their concentration during meditation. Usually incense is burned on a flat platform or inside of a box to catch the ash as it falls. After lighting the incense stick, you will want to gently blow out the flame, but not extinguishing the hot glow, so the stick burns at a slow and steady rate. The vapors will carry the aromas from the stick as it burns and will diffuse throughout the room. Always use incense in a well-ventilated area and remember to keep away from small children and pets. There are a variety of incense scents on the market, all carrying different therapeutic properties. Below are four ways these little burning sticks can improve and enhance your smoking sessions.

  1. Freshens the air. If you are trying to mask the smell of whatever product you are smoking, incense can sometimes be a more effective alternative to spray can air fresheners. Some scents are more powerful than others, such as cinnamon or sandalwood, so it may take some experimenting to find the incense variety that works best for you and your needs.
  2. Reduces anxiety. If you experience anxiety after smoking, incense can be an effective method to combatting this effect. Some scents are known to reduce tension and increase feelings of calmness, such as lavender, sandalwood, and rose. However, lavender may make you feel tired, so it is recommended to use this variety of incense only before bed time. Remember to choose a scent you enjoy, or you may experience the opposite effect you are going for.
  3. Relieves headaches. If headaches get in the way of fully enjoying your smoking session, some scents will help relieve those symptoms for you. If your headache is stress induced, lavender or sandalwood will be the most effective. If your headache is caused by other unpleasant odors in the room, citrus will be the most effective scent for cleansing those aromas. Peppermint and patchouli are also two common scents that can also help relieve headaches due to their diuretic and muscle relaxing properties.
  4. Increases focus and creativity. Certain smoked herbs have been known to decrease motivation and focus in some users. To combat these effects, you can use a variety of citrus incense flavors that will increase imagination and creativity. Sandalwood, rose, and jasmine can also be used for increasing attentive and meditative states of mind.

Of course, it is recommended that consumers only use high quality incense to achieve the best effects possible. Some scents and aromatherapy techniques may be dangerous for some people who suffer from certain medical conditions. Always confirm with your doctor before using any products medicinally (such as for headache relief) that they are safe for you to use. To add even more dimension to your smoking sessions, add some music to the atmosphere to help put you in the right mood.

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