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Spring Awakening: A Playlist

Spring Awakening: A Playlist 0

Spring is here, er, technically. Like, calendar-wise, it is, but temperature wise we’re kinda schlepping back and forth between “patio beers!” to “man, where’s my heavy coat? I thought I was done with it this year.”

Check out SMOKEA's Spring Playlist curated by our very own Seymour Glass.

Good Mourning: A Playlist

Good Mourning: A Playlist 0

I crawl out of bed fifteen minutes before I need to leave, feed and let my dog out, make myself look presentable and scramble towards work, every nerve in my body screaming for coffee. For years and years good music was the cornerstone of my morning commute. I grew to dislike the lack of control and variety on the radio and started listening to my ipod on the drive in instead, and in the process would occasionally compile playlists specifically for the morning.

Check out SMOKEA's Morning Playlist curated by our very own Seymour Glass.