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The SMOKEA® Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

 The SMOKEA® Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, it's time for many people to start thinking about what they want to gift their loved ones. With so many different products, we wanted to give you a gift guide to our very best stocking stuffers we have to offer!

Piecemaker Karma Silicone Pocket Pipe

Made from silicone, these pipes won’t shatter which makes them perfect for the smoker on the go! The Piecemaker Karma features a stainless steel, removable (and replaceable) bowl and a side carb for adding cool air to your smoking experience. At a great size and an even better price, these pipes are high up on our list of perfect stocking stuffers!

Shop Piecemaker Karma Silicone Pocket Pipe

Juicy Jay's 1 1/4 Flavored Rolling Papers

Each pack of these sweet, aromatic papers are hand packed and add pleasure to the smoking experience. Fill a stocking with all of the different flavors Juicy Jay’s offers, and your smoking buddies will thank you!

Shop Juicy Jay's 1 1/4 Flavored Rolling Papers

RYOT Large Wood Magnetic Taster Box

For the old-school smoker, these dugouts are the perfect gift to include in a stocking. Available in an array of high quality woods, the RYOT Taster Box's patented magnetic poker and lid have been combined with a unique pistol grip to create a taster box like none other. Wanna add something more? Purchase a matching RYOT one hitter to go with it!

Shop RYOT Large Wood Magnetic Taster Box

Shop RYOT One Hitter Bats

Chewy Chube Silicone Grinders

The Chube is a revolutionary silicone air tight, smell proof, water resistant grinder that fits in your pocket. This grinder features small non-stick silicone grinding teeth inside that allows you to simply throw in your tobacco and roll the Chube in your hands or on a hard surface to easily grind your tobacco perfectly every time. Once it's all ground up the Chube makes a perfect storage container, due to its water resistant, odor proof and air tight body. It even features a small dispenser so you can easily dispense your ground materials directly into your bowl or papers.

Shop Chewy Chube Silicone Grinder

Ooze Roll N Go Lighter w/ Discreet Storage Compartment

This Roll N Go Lighter from Ooze is a great stocking stuffer for any roll-your-own enthusiast. The Roll N Go Lighter is a re-fillable lighter with a discreet, smell-proof hidden compartment. The bottom opens up for the perfect amount of storage for money or a pre-rolled cigarette. An extremely handy on-the-go lighter that allows you to store whatever you can fit inside.

Shop Ooze Roll N Go Lighter

SMOKEA® Green Leaf Glass Ashtray

This ashtray makes a great gift for any smoker in your life! Measuring 5” wide, it’s the perfect size to fit in a stocking along with other smoking goodies!

Shop Green Leaf Glass Ashtray

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