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Comparison of Desktop Vaporizers and Vaporizer Pens

 Comparison of Desktop Vaporizers and Vaporizer Pens

Whether you prefer inhaling vapes at home with friends or you’re constantly on the go and like the convenience of a portable pen vaporizer, these days you’re bound to find a device that suits your particular lifestyle. With all of the different styles, brands, and vaporizer accessories on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which device is best for you. Below you’ll find similarities and differences between stationary desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizer pens to help you narrow down your choices.


Vape pens are rather straightforward in design. A battery powers the unit from the bottom, while the chamber holding the intended vape material may or may not be separate from the heating element and coils. The vapor filters up through the mouthpiece where the user can inhale it. (Read a review of the Yocan Evolve Plus here.)

Desktop vaporizers use slightly different mechanics for creating vape, and most follow one of two designs. The first is a whip style where the user forces hot air from the base, through the bottom of the hose where material is packed, and up into the mouthpiece for inhalation. Some styles can accommodate only one hose, or whip, while others can attach several for multiple users. The second design uses a motorized fan to create and force hot air up through the base, over your preferred substance, and into either a whip or balloon bag. One advantage to this style is that users can control the speed of the fan and how fast it propels the vapor. These units also tend to yield more efficient results than the simpler whip designs.


Probably the first difference you will notice between these two variations is cost. Desktop vaporizers can easily set you back a couple of hundred dollars, while some pen designs cost as low as $20. You will need frequent coil replacements and possibly backup batteries depending on how often you plan on using your pen, so maintenance costs can add up over time. For desktop vaporizers, extra costs will come from potential balloon and mouthpiece replacements. Both of these parts are relatively inexpensive.


Obviously vape pens are going to be much more portable than desktop vaporizers. It really comes down to preference on this point. Will you mainly vape at home and/or with large groups of people? Or, will you need a discreet device that you can carry around with you in public? Maybe you’ll even want one of each for flexibility and different circumstances.

Vaping Material

No matter what you’re in to vaping, you’re sure to find a device to suit your needs. However, keep in mind that vape pens and desktop vaporizers are usually only compatible with one or two types of material, such as dry herb, e-liquid, or concentrates. Some desktop models are universal in what they can vaporize.

Vapor Volume

Vape pens can only hold so much material and hold enough charge for so long before your session is over. While it usually doesn’t take very much vapor to create the desired effects one might be seeking, volume might become a bigger factor if you’re sharing with friends.

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