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What's the Deal with Dugouts?

 What's the Deal with Dugouts?

Dugouts, also known as taster boxes, are a type of box that holds both your tobacco and a glass one hitter pipe for smoking it and are the perfect device for beginners and veterans alike. They offer on-the-go convenience as they contain everything you need for a quick hit while keeping it all compact enough to fit in your pocket. Dugouts are much easier to use than messing with rolling papers, especially if you’re in a hurry, and far less conspicuous than a full-on bong or water pipe. If you’ve never heard of a dugout and are curious about trying one, we’ve got all the information you need below.

How Dugouts Work

Before loading your dugout with tobacco, remember to finely grind your product to achieve maximum efficiency. However, if your product is ground to dust, you will be more at risk of accidentally inhaling it during your session. Finding the delicate balance may take practice. Specialized tobacco grinders are by far the best tools for the job. (For more information on grinders, click here.)

After your tobacco is ready, place it onto a folded piece of paper and funnel it into the storage part of the dugout. When you’re ready to smoke it, just take the pipe (also known as a "one-hitter" or “bat”) and slide it into the storage area with your tobacco. The tobacco will automatically fill the void of the pipe without the need for touching the tobacco at all. A trick to filling your pipe quickly and efficiently is to hold your dugout at an angle so the tobacco falls to one side and creates a tall pile for the pipe to easily grab from. After the pipe is loaded, light the tobacco and inhale. A benefit to the dugout pipe is that it usually only takes a few seconds of inhalation to achieve the desired effects, so your sessions are quick and stealthy.

Construction and Materials

Most dugouts are constructed of either wood or a type of plastic. The lid usually swivels or is magnetic and the pipe, or bat, is spring loaded for easy access during opening. Some dugouts also include a cleaning tool that is especially handy for cleaning those hard to reach places of the dugout and bat. We highly recommend purchasing a dugout that comes with cleaning tools, or adding one to your purchase if it doesn’t.

Cleaning a Dugout

To clean your dugout and pipe, first you will want to use a small tool to break up any built up tobacco in both pieces. Once you’ve shaken out all of the loose tobacco, we recommend taking a cotton swab saturated in isopropyl alcohol, or cleaner of your choice, to eliminate any resin from the inside of the dugout and/or pipe. For particularly grimy dugouts, users can let their piece soak overnight in an isopropyl solution and rinse it in the morning. After the build up has been thoroughly removed, run hot water through both pieces until all cleaning solution has been rinsed away. Let both pieces completely air dry before packing more tobacco. If any moisture is left in the dugout, your precious product will be at risk for mold growth and contamination.

Dugouts are essential for any smoker to have in their arsenal of pipes. The convenience, portability, and durability are why so many users have already turned to dugouts for their on-the-go smoking needs.

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  • Abbigail Montgomery