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How to Properly Store Your Product

 How to Properly Store Your Product

When it comes to a good smoking session, proper storage is a huge factor. Storing your product in the wrong container or exposing it to too much light or moisture can degrade it so much that it becomes completely worthless. Besides picking out your favorite blend and your favorite type of pipe, be sure to choose a quality storage container for the product you won’t be using right away. Here are a few options for you to consider:

    1. Plastic Baggie. This can be a good option for storing small amounts of product for short periods of time. Plastic is permeable, so not only can air get in, but the flavor can also escape. You definitely don’t want to use this as a long-term storage option, but little plastic baggies can be great tool for people who need to transport their product and don’t want to worry about fragile glass breaking in their pocket or suitcase.

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    1. Glass or Silicone Jar. These containers are great for long-term storage and come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure the container you get is air-tight to keep out oxygen and moisture. Oxygen reacts with product and makes it stale. Moisture can cause bacterial growth on the blend and render it unusable. Both glass and silicone shouldn’t affect the taste of the product and are easy to clean out afterward. If you are storing your container out in the open, you may want to consider an opaque glass jar or silicone jar so UV light doesn’t interact with your product. If you are storing in a dark place anyway, a clear glass jar will do just fine. Lastly, remember to fill your jar at least ¾ of the way to reduce the amount of oxygen in the jar to begin with.

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    1. Wood Box. These stylish containers are useful for storing large quantities of product at a time. Some are compartmentalized for storing different blends of your product and can be used with humidifier packs to regulate the amount of humidity allowed in the box. You will want to avoid highly scented wood, like cedar, for your box as these can affect the taste of your product. Instead, look for boxes made from neutral mahogany, walnut, teak, or cherry wood. When storing product in a wooden box, make sure to use the air-tight compartments for more long-term storing and the other compartments for more immediate use. Your product may not stay as fresh for as long as it would in a glass jar.

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    1. Stash Can. For a much subtler way to store your product, you can always use a cheap stash can. You can find cans that look like many common household goods and products, so no one will suspect a thing. Most of these cans block UV light and are airtight, so they will also keep your product fresh. Just don’t forget that you’re using this container for storage and accidentally throw away all of your product.

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