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What You Should Know About Carb Caps

 What You Should Know About Carb Caps

Carb caps are quickly becoming a staple in the smoking world for several reasons. They are useful tools for beginners or veterans and can significantly improve a smoking session using just a simple technique. Carb caps are easy to use and not very expensive, so every user should include one in their arsenal of supplies. Read on below to discover why carb caps are so essential for a great session and how to use them effectively.

Why Should You Use a Carb Cap?

Conserves Product — With domeless nails and bangers, some of the vapor can be lost to the atmosphere. A carb cap will cover the nail or banger so all of the vapors are pulled into the rig and you get the most out of your materials. With a carb cab, users don’t have to worry about messing with a dome around burning material, but can still enjoy the benefits that domes offer.

Restricts Airflow  — Not only will carb caps prevent vapors from escaping, but they will also prevent cold air from flowing into your nail or banger. Users will be able to taste the flavor of their materials better with a lower oxygen ratio. Users may even find they can inhale a second time with the extra vapor.

Retains Heat — Airflow also cools down the nail or banger faster, which means users either must heat the nail to a higher temperature to fully vaporize your product or waste product that didn’t burn while the nail was still hot. Carb caps slow down the cooling process by keeping that hot air circulating around the nail. Users will find that they don’t have to heat the nail as much, and risk scorching their product, by pairing their nail with a carb cap. It may take practice to find that sweet spot to how long you will need to heat your nail when using a carb cap. Or, if using an electric nail, you may have to experiment with different set temperatures.

Multifunctional — Some carb caps can be used as both a carb cap and tool without having to switch instruments. One end can act as your tool for loading the materials onto the nail while the other end functions as a carb cap for using over the nail.

How to Use a Carb Cap Effectively

Some nails and bangers don’t work well with carb caps and there are different carb caps that work better with certain nails or bangers over others. In general, daisy nails don’t work effectively with carb caps because the slits in the side allow airflow in anyway. A simple flat carb cap works best with banger, angled, and simple through nails. Bubble carb caps work best with bangers with a flat top. The bubble shape acts as a seal around the top edge of the nail with stems on the top and bottom for a more controlled airflow. Lastly, hollow carb caps, which are more cupped than flat, will work better with nails that have the concentrate platform raised higher than the rest of the nail, such as castle designs. The cupped shape of the carb cap will go over the raised platform and create a seal around the bottom of the nail for complete effectiveness. Before you pick up a carb cap, determine which style is going to be best used with your current nail type.

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