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How Using Hemp Wick is Healthier

 How Using Hemp Wick is Healthier

For a typical session, the smoker will hold a lighter up to the product until a sufficient amount of it is burning and producing smoke. The user needs to combust the product with the help of a flame or something else that’s already burning. Lighters are often a convenient choice, but some are becoming worried about butane’s potential side effects. Inhaling the fumes of butane, either purposefully or accidentally, can lead to some scary long-term effects. Usually users know when they have inhaled residual butane gas, as it has a distinct taste that can alter the overall flavor of the product.

Butane almost immediately enters the blood stream after inhalation and blocks oxygen from entering. In high concentrations of butane inhalation, a severe lack of oxygen can lead to sudden death. Some people will faint, get a nosebleed, vomit, hallucinate, or experience a seizure after low to medium exposure. Long-term repetitive exposure can lead to kidney and liver damage, brain damage, visual problems, anxiety, depression, chronic cough, or tremors. When using a butane lighter, it’s important to exercise extreme caution and always use it the way it was intended. For those looking for a healthier and safer option of lighting their product, hemp wicks are a great alternative.

What are Hemp Wicks and How Do I Use One?

A hemp wick is a string made of hemp and usually beeswax. Users can purchase shorter strands of hemp wick or a whole yarn ball’s worth to get started. Some hemp wicks can burn quickly depending on environmental factors such as wind, so it’s important for the user to use a long enough strand to light their product with so they don’t accidentally burn their fingers when it nears the end.

The natural ingredients in the hemp wick don’t produce any harmful toxins when lit, so users don’t have to worry about breathing in extra chemicals besides what’s included already in their herbal product. To use a hemp wick, the user lights the end of the wick and uses that as a flame source for lighting their bowl or rolled cigarette. It’s like using a candle to light another candle. Speaking of candles, users sometimes use their hemp wicks to help them light hard to reach candle wicks or incense sticks in addition to their smoking products.

Some users wrap their hemp wicks around their butane lighters for easy access and so they don’t accidentally forget about their hemp wick when starting another session. Instead of using the lighter to light the whole bowl, users can save their butane for a quick wick light and use that to ignite their product. This also prevents butane from accidentally spilling out of the lighter into your bowl when lighting product. Although lighting a hemp wick sounds like extra work just to get your product lit, many users have noted that it doesn’t alter the flow of their sessions as much as they thought, and they enjoy the flavor of their product much more.

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