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New Smokea Products You're Going to Love

 New Smokea Products You're Going to Love

In case you haven’t made your way over to our New Products page in a while, we have highlighted a few of our favorites below you should check out before they sell out! There’s something for everyone in our list, whether you’re a heavy-duty torch lighter user or a new-age vaping master. Let’s get started!


MJ Arsenal Mini Rig Collection: Consisting of the Hydra Klein, Royale, Ursa, Atlas and Jammer, there is something for everyone in this collection. Why Mini Rigs? Less air = more flavor. To make them even better, enjoy a MJ Arsenal Flat Quartz Bucket with each rig. Four functions, four unique looks all with the quality and unique features you expect from MJ Arsenal.

Shop MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs

GRAV 7” Bates Worm Standard Diffusion Pump Bubbler: GRAV has done it again with another amazingly unique rig design. This perfectly balanced piece holds the nail on top of the design with the mouthpiece jetting out of the side. Both the downstem and percolator are tubular, sitting next to each other in the bell-shaped base. The glass bead at the bottom of the second tube is what filters the smoke for extra smooth hits. The water level is a little high on this one, so a stronger pull is necessary, but there’s no doubt that dabbing on this rig is fun!

Shop GRAV Pump Bubbler

Higher Standards Glass Tips: Crafted from high quality borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards Premium Glass Tips are designed to enhance and refine your smoking experience. The Glass Tips act as a barrier between you and the heat source; fingertips will remain burn-free as you inhale smooth clouds of smoke. Available in an array of colors, the Glass Tips have been fashioned with a pinch to block particles from getting into your mouth.

Shop Higher Standards Glass Tips

High Tech

JUUL PodBay Portable Charging Case: The JUUL is a revolutionary way for smokers to break the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes. But let's face it…you are always running out of power or losing your JUUL. The PodBay solves both of these problems. With the PodBay you always have a safe place to store your JUUL while it's not in use - it's just like carrying around a pack of cigarettes. In addition the PodBay re-charges your device while it's not being used. The PodBay also features two additional storage slots for extra JUULPods so you never run out of juice while you're on the go. Now instead of worrying about the small charger that comes with JUUL you can just plug in your PodBay overnight and you'll never have to worry about running out of power again.

Shop JUUL PodBay

Smokea MJ420 Adjustable Glass Blunt: Created by yours truly, this high-tech device takes everything you love about glass blunts and adds in a bit more durability. The adjustable feature allows the user to create their perfect hit or fill it all up to share with friends. The built-in screen prevents accidental inhales of product, and the silicone cap allows for easy load-go-and-light adventures. Pick your favorite color and add an adjustable glass blunt to your collection today!

Shop MJ420 Glass Blunt


ProScale Slick Concentrate Kit and Digital Scale: The ProSlick combines a high quality compact scale for weighing your homemade concentrates, with a tool kit equipped like no other. Not only does it come with a slick mat on the weighing tray to prevent any sticking but it also houses two silicone containers to store your concentrates and a dabbing tool so you can work your concentrates into the ideal size for you. This complete package provides concentrate makers with the perfect tool to weigh, measure and store their hard work in a reliable all in one device. Put simply you need one of these if your are in the concentrates game.

Shop ProScale Slick Concentrate Kit

Blazer Butane Torch Lighters: Check out the newest additions to Blazer’s line of dual use torch lighters! The Big Buddy features a very powerful 2500 degree turbo flame and up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time, all in a light weight portable design. The Big Shot features a strong and sturdy brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control. These torches provide all of the power and dependability, light after light, that Blazer is known all over the world for.

Shop Blazer Butane Torch Lighters

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