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Rolling Your Own with Filters and Tips

 Rolling Your Own with Filters and Tips

Whether you need a short break or want to stay true to your hipster persona, rolling your own cigarettes is one of the quickest forms of smoke consumption. There’s nothing to clean up afterward (besides an occasional ashtray) and it doesn’t take too long to set up either. What draws many people to water pipes is the smooth hits they offer, but smoking from a cigarette doesn’t have to be as harsh as what you may have experienced in the past. Sure, smoke is smoke, but don’t totally discount it before you try rolling with a filter first. If you have ever been intimidated by the thought of rolling your own cigarettes, check out our rolling tips and tricks below as we explain the benefits of rolling with filters and tips.

Make Rolling Easier

If you’ve ever found rolling to be a pain, next time try it with a filter or tip. These will help hold the shape of the cigarette as you roll up your product and aid in the structural integrity of the cigarette as you handle it and/or pass it around. They will also make your cigarette the perfect size every time. Some users prefer a little wider for more smoke inhalation at a time, while others prefer narrower cigarettes. Sometimes without a filter or tip, the cigarette can become too narrow and clog much easier. Filters and tips come in many different sizes to appeal to all preferences. You can find a range of options on our page here. If you are having a hard time getting your roll to stay together, dab a little bit of honey or syrup on the paper to make it stick. This will also add a nice flavor to your smoke and you may want to add this step every time!

No Leftovers

One of the most annoying parts of smoking a cigarette is, while there is little to no clean up afterward, there is still that last little bit of product at the end you won’t be able to smoke without burning your fingertips. This is commonly known as the “roach”, and some people save it for their next roll or figure out another use for it so it isn’t wasted. With a tip, users can enjoy every last drag of their cigarette without worrying about leftovers at the end. Many tips are constructed with glass, wood, or silicone for easy maintenance. With glass and silicone pieces, users can just drop them in an alcohol solution and rinse them off for their next roll.

No Sloppy Wet Seconds

If you are sharing your cigarette with others, you can avoid the dripping wet drag of someone’s seconds with the use of a tip. Instead of someone else’s saliva dampening the paper, you can simply wipe the tip before your turn for the most optimal experience. Even some paper filters reduce the sogginess in group settings.

If you are really adventurous, you can try rolling your own filters using this tip rolling paper, or you can use your own type of cardstock paper. Just make sure that it doesn’t have toxic dye or ink on it before using. There are also several choices for pre-rolled disposable filters as well. Most are made from paper or cotton and some are even menthol flavored. Filters and tips are relatively inexpensive, which means there’s no reason not to try them the next time you roll your own cigarette.

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