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Sipping on GRAV's New "Sip Series" Bubblers

 Sipping on GRAV's New

I’m not a doctor, but I think it’s easy to say you shouldn’t be drinking from bubblers or bongs. I’m not sure if that’s bad for your health or not, but it’s probably safe to say that’s something you want to stay away from.

It’s a good thing that GRAV and Micah Evans, two of the biggest names in Borosilicate Glass, refused to limit their imaginations to what “should be.” Their unbridled creativity has resulted in a new line of bubblers that we’re proud to carry -- bubblers inspired by some of our favorite drinks.

Introducing -- the GRAV Sip Series! Drinks that you smoke!

I don’t think I have that quite right… let’s just look at the new bubblers!

GRAV Martini Shaker

Kicking things off, we have the GRAV Martini Shaker!

This is a 7.5” tall bubbler, with a fixed-fission downstem. The chamber has plenty of room for water and ice chips, to give you that real chilled martini feel. This bubbler has an angled downstem joint, perfect to wrap your index finger around for a solid grip, and a 14mm Cup Bowl.

We wouldn’t recommend shaking it, but one go-around with this Shaker will leave you shook!

Shop GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler

GRAV Martini Glass

What’s a Martini Shaker, if you don’t have a glass to serve that martini in?

The GRAV Martini Glass has a beautiful hourglass figure that’s great in the hand, but also serves to accentuate the martini glass shape inside! The “stem” of the martini glass is a fixed, broad Swiss-Hole Percolator, providing fantastic filtration. The GRAV Martini Glass comes with a 14mm Funnel Bowl.

Well, you might not be serving martinis out of this like you can a “real” martini glass, but garnish it with a bit of smoking blend and you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Shop GRAV Martini Glass Bubbler

GRAV Slush Cup

What we have here is an outright classic! A modern marvel: reborn, revived, refreshed, reinvigorated, revitalized, rejuvenated -- and even slightly redesigned. You don’t want to ruin a great thing, after all.

The new GRAV Slush Cup comes with a thicker 14mm straw mouthpiece, angled to prevent splashback, but my personal favorite feature is the 14mm recessed Dewar-seal joint at the top of the cup, holding a 14mm Cup Bowl.

Everyone loves a fresh icy beverage, regardless if its hot or cold outside. It’s easy to imagine yourself drinking one down when you’re sipping on the sleekest slush cup you’re ever going to see!

Shop GRAV Slush Cup Bubbler

GRAV Milk Carton

Next up is a cafeteria classic, the piece you’ll want after a long recess -- the GRAV Milk Carton!

The GRAV Milk Carton is a small, unimposing bubbler with a huge open inner chamber, encouraging dummy thicc hits! Splashback could have been a problem, if GRAV and Micah hadn’t designed a perfectly-sized narrow mouthpiece. This piece has a 14mm Cup Bowl and a fixed fission downstem.

Sometimes a piece feels familiar from the very first time you pick it up. This one feels outright nostalgic. You won’t be passing up this classy carton of milk for any sad sacks of apple juice, that’s for sure.

Shop GRAV Milk Carton Bubbler

GRAV Coffee Mug

I’m a coffee guy -- strong, black, no sugar. Straight coffee. I drink it every morning. You can’t put coffee in this mug, yet somehow it just so happens to be my new favorite coffee mug!

The GRAV Coffee Mug has some height on it if you include the angled straw mouthpiece, standing at 7” tall. The handle is perfect, fitting hands of all sizes, while also serving as the perc and smoke pathway! This piece also has a 14mm Cup Bowl and fixed fission downstem.

Leave the coffee grounds and filters in the cupboard and pick up the GRAV Coffee Mug for your next morning pick-me-up!

Shop GRAV Coffee Mug Bubbler

Sipping on the Sip Series

When Micah Evans designs a piece and GRAV manufactures it, you know you’re getting a strong, durable, reliable piece. The GRAV Sip Series has five Micah Evans-designed bubblers. Let that sentence soak in, just for a second.

Just make sure you’re not chugging these drinks! Take refined sips and, just like GRAV says, you’ll #findyourhigherself!

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