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Smoke Like the Stars: Pipes Used in Movies and TV

 Smoke Like the Stars: Pipes Used in Movies and TV

As the culture continues to permeate mainstream media it’s not hard to spot when new and classic gizmos make their way into movies for all of us to enjoy and envy. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the coolest pieces that we’ve seen in cinematic and TV classics new and old alike and that you can find online at

“Knocked Up”The Gas Mask

"Knocked Up" Gas Mask Bong Available at Smokea

Not for the feint of heart nor the light of lungs, this gas mask bong packs a punch and gave Seth Rogen the chance to make everyone’s favorite Star Wars themed Darth Vader/smoking joke that probably was first told on the way home from the theater in 1977. These guys work simply enough with a classic bong setup except you’re, you know, strapping it to your head. Find it on Smokea’s site for under $35 and get ready to feel the force.

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“Extract” 6' Acrylic Bong

"Extract" Graffix Bong Available at Smokea

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to see Jason Bateman take a rip of a 6ft bong and deal with the subsequent fallout? If you haven’t seen Extract, you’re missing a great flick from Mike Judge, the dude who brought us everything from Beavis and Butthead to Idiocracy. If you have seen it, you know this piece isn’t a toy for the beginner. Find the same style of super-tall, party-ready, sturdy acrylic smoking brilliance on Smokea’s site for under $45. Not only do these get the job done, but they come with a handy raised pull slide so you can operate it yourself if you don’t have anyone to party with.

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Silicon Valley” – The Grav Labs Steamroller

"Silicon Valley" Grav Labs Steamroller available at Smokea

Who amongst us doesn’t have a little Erlich in them? I mean sure, maybe you’re not a successful web mogul or partial shareholder in a burgeoning start-up, but you’re reading this article so obviously you have at least one or two things in common with him. The steamroller is a classic, simple design that has stuck around forever because, well as the old adage goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Grav Labs makes resilient and quality products, and we’re happy to carry them. Find yourself an Erlich-style piece for under $25 at Smokea.

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“Half Baked” – The Hookah aka “Billy Bong Thornton”

"Half Baked" Hookah available at Smokea

There are some slight differences between a bong and a hookah but let’s not get bogged down in the technicalities of a film like “Half Baked.” Easily one of the funniest and most quintessential movies in this genre, Chappelle and crew brought a whole new level of mainstream identity to stoner humor with this 1999 release. Hookahs are wonderfully multipurpose as well, and a great party accessory no matter what you’re packing it with. Find a wide selection on Smokea’s website.

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Man, I don’t know about you but after writing this I can’t wait to pick up some Abba Zabba on my way home.

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