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Spring Awakening: A Playlist

 Spring Awakening: A Playlist

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Spring is here, er, technically. Like, calendar-wise, it is, but temperature wise we’re kinda schlepping back and forth between “patio beers!” to “man, where’s my heavy coat? I thought I was done with it this year.”

Anyway, I don’t know about you but when the weather gets nice the first thing I want to do is hop in my car and take a long backroads cruise listening to some music with the windows down. The trees are starting to bloom, the wind carries with it the fresh promise of new beginnings and the impending kiss of summer heat, and the days are getting longer. I’m very seasonal when it comes to music. I mean, I can appreciate a good tune any time of the year but when the ground starts to thaw and the flowers start to flourish again I want some upbeat, lively music that reflects the colorful hues resurging all over our little spinning ball of space dust. During the summer I tend to migrate towards heavy metal and rap, fall is more along the lines of throwback and revisits; the albums I loved in high school and the bands they subsequently inspired. Finally, when winter begins to blanket my town with sharp winds and unforgiving temperatures I regress into more folk and indie style music (you know, stuff I can listen to while knitting blankets and sipping overpriced craft beers.)

My biggest sin as a fan of music has been getting sucked into bands I love without exploring new ones. To remedy that, I’ve begun exploring Spotify fervently, listening to suggested playlists and recommended artists and working to expand my horizons and find even more music to love. Probably half of the artists on this playlist are ones I’ve discovered through my intrepid journey through the musical interwebs, and like an arguably even more ruggedly-handsome hipster Indiana Jones, I have returned to you with the spoils of my adventures. I encourage you to do the same, especially if you feel stagnant with the music you’ve been listening to. But we here at Smokea are here to help, and with that in mind, I offer you some music to jumpstart your spring renewal: whether it be cleaning, driving, shoveling your driveway, or wondering how you got sunburnt in March.

  1. The So-So Glos - Lost Weekend (Garage/Lo-Fi)
  2. Joyce Manor - Falling in Love Again (Indie/Punk)
  3. Bronx Sniper - Mister Heavenly (Indie/Pop)
  4. Serengeti - Dennehy (Hip-Hop)
  5. Vulpeck - 1 for 1, DiMaggio (Funk/Jazz-Pop)
  6. Basement - Aquasun (Alternative/Indie)
  7. Fat Night - Honest Man (Funk/Pop)
  8. Daisyhead - Don’t Feel Bad (Hard Rock/Indie)
  9. Your Old Droog - Grandma Hips (Hip-Hop/Indie)
  10. Creeper - Darling (Pop-Punk./Rock)
  11. Happy Diving - Mikey’s Rules (Shoegaze/Rock)
  12. Dinosaur Pile-Up - Peninsula (Indie-Pop/Rock)
  13. Desaparecidos - Manana (Folk Rock/Indie)
  14. Jeff Rosenstock - Wave Goodnight To Me (Indie/Pop-Punk)
  15. Microwave - Neighbors (Indie-Pop/Guitar Rock)

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  • Seymour Glass
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