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Herbal Suspension - Wat Do? How Do? Why Do?

 Herbal Suspension - Wat Do? How Do? Why Do?

It’s a common scenario -- one you’ve probably found yourself in from time to time. You’ve got some wax concentrate and you love your dab pen, but you’re on the go and you need something even more portable.

In the words of the now-ancient meme -- “wat do?”

The answer to that question comes from 710 Ready Mix, a fantastic solution that takes your solids and makes them vape-able out of oil concentrate vape pens! We’re talking herbal suspension here, folks -- it’s science!

It’s easy to use, lets you get the most out of every little bit of wax you have, and is extremely affordable. Let’s check out what 710 Ready Mix offers, how to put it all together, and why you want to do so!

Wat Do?

The 710 Ready Mix Original 60ml Bottle

This is a proprietary blend of USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade Propylene Glycol and a Natural Emulsifier used in the flavor industry. A magic formula that turns your solids into liquids -- perfect for vaping anywhere, anytime.

It’s made and bottled in the USA, so you know you’re getting a reliable product!

Shop 710 Ready Mix Original 60ml Bottle

The 710 Ready Mix Beaker Kit

You’re going to want to be able to accurately measure the amounts of solids and 710 Ready Mix that you’re blending together, in order to get consistent, flavorful, and powerful results. This throw-back to Chemistry class is the perfect tool to help you achieve that special blend every time.

This 50ml glass beaker comes with a dab tool that can be used to stir up your solution, making it one hell of a deal!

Shop 710 Ready Mix Beaker Kit

The 710 Ready Mix 1ml Syringe and 710 Ready Mix 20ml Syringe

Traditionally, filling cartridges has been a serious pain. The usual option is an eye-dropper which is cumbersome and messy, more often than not.

The 710 Ready Mix 1ml Syringe is best for those making smaller amounts of oil concentrate for use in a single cartridge. It comes with a couple of very thin plastic tips that make it easy to fill any style or size of cartridge.

The 710 Ready Mix 20ml Syringe is a beast. We’re talking 20x the capacity, which means you can load up loads of cartridges without fuss or muss. To make things even more convenient, 710 Ready Mix has included four of those plastic tips with this syringe!

Shop 710 Ready Mix 1ml Syringe

Shop 710 Ready Mix 20ml Syringe

The 710 Ready Mix Vape Pen Battery and 710 Ready Mix Acrylic Vape Pen Cartridge

There are tons 510-threaded batteries (such as GRAV’s Micro Pen Battery, the #THISTHINGSRIPS High Gear Premium Battery, Ooze’s Twist Variable Voltage and Slim Touchless Vape Pen Batteries, and RYOT’s VERB 510) available, but 710 Ready Mix is crushing it with some seriously convenient features!

Their Vape Pen Battery is one of my favorites! It’s draw activated (my absolutely favorite feature on any battery), it has a healthy battery life at 280mAh, is perfectly sized at only 3.25” long, looks sleek, and get this -- the bottom of the battery is a stylus tip. I’ll actually be able to use my phone all winter-long this year, no thanks to my gloved sausage-fingers -- let’s be real, it’s not likely that I’ll be putting this vape pen down anytime soon.

There are plenty of 510-threaded cartridges available (such as SMOKEA’s own 510 Ceramic Coil and 510 Wick Vape Cartridges); however, this Acrylic Vape Pen Cartridge is another extremely convenient option from 710 Ready Mix! This 510-threaded universal cartridge holds 1ml of liquid, has 1.8ohm of resistance, and has an easy-fill top that works perfectly with their plastic-tipped syringe!

Don’t forget the 710 Ready Mix USB Charger! This little beauty is compatible with most 510-threaded batteries, but it’s specifically designed for the 710 Ready Mix Vape Pen Battery.

Shop 710 Ready Mix Vape Pen Battery

Shop 710 Ready Mix Acrylic Vape Pen Cartridge

Shop 710 Ready Mix USB Charger

The 710 Ready Mix Kit

If you’re ready to break into the herbal suspension game as quick as you can -- ready to start getting those carts filled up yourself -- this is a fantastic option!

You’ve got the Vape Pen Battery, the Acrylic Vape Pen Cartridge, the USB Charger, a 1.5ml bottle of 710 Ready Mix, one of the 1ml Syringes, a Glass Bottle, a Mixing Vessel, and even a Dab Tool!

Shop 710 Ready Mix Kit

How Do?

  1. Measure out your ingredients -- you’re going to want 1ml of 710 Ready Mix for every half gram of solids that you’re using. You can use one of the 710 Ready Mix Syringes to measure out your liquid, but I’d recommend using the ProScale Slick Concentrate Kit and Digital Scale to weigh your solids. Try to be as precise as possible so you end up with the most stable tincture!
  2. Put your 710 Ready Mix into a glass cup and heat it up to 150 degrees. You can do this in the microwave (shoot for around 10 seconds), but a hot plate or double boiler also work!
  3. Add your solid concentrate to the liquid and stir until it dissolves. You might need to reheat the blend with certain concentrates or solid-to-liquid ratios.
  4. You can mix up that ratio above -- one part solid to one part Ready Mix will make for a thick, concentrated solution, while one part solid to four parts Ready Mix will give you a far less concentrated, thinner blend.
  5. Suck that stuff up with your syringe, fill your cartridge, and take off!

Why Do?

Herbal suspension is fantastic but until recently, it has always been expensive, stressful, and imprecise. Cartridges have been a favorite method for many, but it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting with pre-filled carts.

710 Ready Mix wants to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your wax and other solids. They want to make sure you have confidence in your cartridges and an option for whatever type of vaporizer you prefer to use! Check out their lineup, give herbal suspension a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

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