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Benefits of Titanium vs. Quartz vs. Ceramic Nails, Coils and Accessories

 Benefits of Titanium vs. Quartz vs. Ceramic Nails, Coils and Accessories

When it comes to accessory parts, users may not know which material is best for them. Should they go with traditional glass, or is ceramic superior? What about titanium? Will it be too heavy for a glass pipe? Our guide below on the benefits of various materials will hopefully help you choose your next favorite piece.


Glass is by far the most popular material for pipe accessories. Glass nails and glass bowls match glass pipes well, contributing to the overall cohesive feel of your pipe. Glass is also fairly safe when it comes to contamination. Since glass is inert, it won’t alter the taste of the product and won’t add any dangerous chemicals to the vapor when heated. If you are using an accessory for dabbing, note that glass heats up quickly but also cools off quickly, so it won’t retain the heat for as long. Glass is also prone to breaking, but it is one of the cheaper materials to replace if an accident occurs. Quartz is a type of glass that is thicker and more durable, but still has all of the other benefits regular glass does. Quartz is more expensive to make than glass, so it’s usually reserved for smaller pieces, such as bangers, bowls, and nails.

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One of the benefits to ceramic is that it will hold its heat a bit longer than glass. It will take a little bit longer to heat up, but it a great option for dabbers who need to keep their product hotter for longer. Ceramic also is a bit more durable than glass as it won’t fracture as easily under extreme heat. Some users report that ceramic pieces alter the taste of their product, but some enjoy the taste and don’t mind at all. Ceramic pieces are a little bit harder to find than glass but are still one of the more popular options.

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Titanium is one of the most durable materials found for pipe accessory pieces. Even if dropped, the structural integrity stays intact. Titanium is quick to heat but may overheat if the flame is left too long on the material. Users may sometimes accidentally burn their product because they underestimate the power of the titanium nail. Another benefit to titanium nails is that sometimes users can find them in universal fit, so they don’t have to find multiple pieces for their various pipes. Some users complain of there being a metallic taste to their product when they use titanium nails, so some manufacturers have incorporated a quartz dish in their design to accommodate these preferences. The overall structure of the nail is made from titanium, rendering it nearly indestructible, but the dish is glass, so it could need replacing after some time. Still, replacing a tiny glass dish is much more preferable to replacing an entire nail. Lastly, titanium nails can also use electronic technology to create e-nails. With e-nails, users can set a specific temperature, so their product doesn’t get burned, and it comes with its own heat source, which make them safer and more precise for each session. With a sturdy base and thick glass, a metal accessory shouldn’t put too much strain on a pipe, so don’t be afraid about weight limits if that is holding you back from a titanium piece.

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