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Bong Shapes for Dummies

 Bong Shapes for Dummies

With regards to smoking tobacco, there are a lot of strategies and pieces that smokers need to browse. In any case, nothing beats the cool, smooth hits that a bong can give. For some, die hard smokers, bongs are a common favorite smoking technique. They are agreeable to hold, the water gives extraordinary filtration, and the piece itself is a gem. As bongs have advanced from an underground development promoted by Tommy Chong to a standard smoking strategy, glass crafters have consummated a wide range of styles. The question is: how important is the bong shape? Peruse on to find out about the contrasts between these styles, and help you to pick the ideal bong shape for you.

Straight Cylinder Bong

The straight cylinder bong is the most essential water pipe style accessible. In contrast to bongs of different shapes, straight cylinder bongs keep things basic. They channel smoke utilizing a downstem, which ought to be submerged in water. Pieces in this style are anything but difficult to clean, and have a great look. Straight cylinder bongs likewise clear a lot quicker than bongs of different styles, making for bigger hits. Numerous smokers who are as yet figuring out how to smoke a bong select this fundamental pick.

Zig Zag Bong (Zong)

Bongs with a zig-zag shape are very normal, all things considered. Some zig-zag formed bongs have one bend, while others have more. Some of the time alluded to as zongs as a result of their shape, zig-zag molded bongs have a couple of advantages.

In the first place, zig zag shapes have a wonderful appearance. Second, and all the more essential, the zig-zag fills a vital need. It fills in as a sprinkle monitor, keeping water from coming up from the water chamber and into your mouth. This makes the smoking background unquestionably progressively agreeable.

Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are very well known today. As one of the essential "science lab" themed pieces, beaker bongs are molded precisely like the device they're named after. Beaker bongs make incredible day to day pieces, to a great extent in light of the overwhelming base segment. The wide base is ideal for the footstool in your smoking room, and won't be effectively thumped over. More extensive beaker bongs can likewise create heaps of smoke. Round base bongs are comparable in structure, and convey a similar advantage.

Faberge Egg Bongs

Named for the verifiable Russian jeweled eggs, Faberge Egg molded bongs offer smokers a few advantages. The distinctive component of Faberge Egg bongs is the egg-molded percolator. A few bongs additionally have an egg-formed body. Faberge egg percolators match well with different percolators, enabling more space for the rises to spread out. This makes for a great smooth hit.

Recycler Bongs

To the extent bong styles go, recyclers will in general be more specialized. Be that as it may, this one of a kind style conveys additional smooth hits, on account of the filtration. Recycler bongs, otherwise called multi-chamber bongs, take the smoke through the filtration procedure a couple of times. In the wake of going through a percolator, the smoke is then steered through a bigger water chamber. Most recycler bongs have one chamber inside another, or both joined to the outside.

Perculator Bongs

While not an unmistakable style, percolator bongs are exceptionally effective in separating smoke. Percolator bongs for the most part have something like two percolators, which assume numerous jobs. To start with, the percolators contain numerous cuts, which diffuses the smoke as it goes through. Second, the percolators additionally fill in as the point of convergence of the piece. As most perc bongs are worked with logical glass, you can look as the smoke amasses inside the piece.


Bubblers achieve the same indistinguishable fundamental jobs as bongs, yet are considerably more helpful. Since they are commonly just marginally bigger than most glass channels, bubblers are exceedingly compact. Be that as it may, bubblers additionally have water, making for a magnificent smoke filtration process. On the off chance that you appreciate the advantages of a bong however can't deal with the size, a bubbler is the ideal decision.

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