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How Useful are Grinders for Smoking?

 How Useful are Grinders for Smoking?

Grinders are pieces that every dry herb smoker should have in their collection. Not all grinders are equal though, so it’s important to do your research before randomly purchasing one. Usually, grinders are constructed from either plastic, metal, or wood. Plastic pieces are often the cheapest, but the teeth are prone to breaking and it will eventually need replacing. Wood’s natural look is attractive to many, but the wooden teeth will wear down and the unit will need replacing also. Some wooden grinders come with metal teeth to increase durability. Metal grinders are the most durable, but these grinders also come at a higher price point. Still, grinders are one of the cheaper smoking accessories, so there’s no reason not to snag at least a basic one for yourself.

Another feature you will want to pay attention to is the number of “pieces” the grinder has. Basic grinders will only have two pieces — a top and a bottom — that work together to grind the product. Three and four-piece units will include uniform holes in the bottom to filter the product to the next level. This helps keeps the size of the flower consistent, as only certain sized pieces can drop through. Some grinders will include a screen in the next level to filter extremely fine material from the larger pieces that users can collect in the bottom and use later. Depending on a user’s needs, they may prefer the basic two-piece grinders, or a fancier four-piece grinder.

Lastly, the number of teeth the grinder has is an important detail for buyers to be aware of. The more teeth a grinder has, the finer it will grind the product. Some users prefer big fluffy flower for smoking, while other may need extremely fine herb for smoking in a vape. The Raw Classic Shredder Grinder is an example of a basic two-piece grinder that has a lot of teeth to grind herb quickly. Some modern grinders are shaped like an old-fashioned pepper mill with a top that the user cranks to grind the herb. The SharpStone Hand Crank Grinder also has a clear top that allows users to see the progress instead of guessing when their herb has been ground enough. If you are really concerned about precision, you can try electric grinders such as the Easy Grinder. These also allow users to choose the coarseness of their grind and some even include a manual option.

Grinders offer many benefits to smokers, including:

Smell Containment — Instead of breaking up herb with your fingers and having smelly fingers for the rest of the day, grinders keep the herb contained and away from your skin.

Efficiency — Manually separating herb, or using scissors, can be a chore. Grinders quickly separate herb into uniform chunks for the most efficient smoking experience.

Consistency — Grinders provide much more consistent flower for smoking, which also preserves the efficiency of the product itself. A uniform burn will ensure that all parts of the flower are used evenly, and no part of the product is wasted.

Clog Prevention — For pipe and vaporizer users, large pieces of herb can clog the device and prevent proper airflow. Finely and consistently ground product will ensure clogless quality sessions.

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  • Abbigail Montgomery