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Understanding the Different Types of Pipes

 Glass bong with yellow bowl and clear pipe

Do you have a favorite bong that you stick to when going for a hit? We get it. Your favorite is tried and true, it’s comforting, it’s what you know. But did you know that there are literally hundreds of different types of smoking pipes? The benefit of switching up your pipe usage is that they all have different purposes for smoking. For example, if you want a smooth smoking experience, water pipes are the way to go. But if you need something smaller for on-the-go uses, then you’d go with a dry pipe. It all depends on your preference! The good news is: SMOKEA® carries it all!

What’s the right pipe for you?

variety of dry smoking pipesDry Pipes: Dry Pipes are one of the most popular options. Even the earliest smokers were using pipes like this. Of all the different types of smoking pipes, this one is a classic. Dry Pipes are ideal for tobacco enthusiasts who want a quick, pure smoke. There’s nothing to dilute or take away from the herbs and flavor. There are many designs even within the dry pipe category to give a different smoking experience. Choose from chillums, glass blunts, one hitters, sherlocks, specialty pipes, spoons, and steamrollers.

Water Pipes: These are pipes that are perfect for any kind of smoke, and any kind of smoker. By simply adding water, the herb will go down so much easier for a much more enjoyable experience. There are several kinds of water pipes including bongs, bubblers, and rigs. These types of smoking pipes are easier to hold and make for a comfortable, smooth hit.

Glass, Silicone, and Metal Pipes: Like most things, the level of the experience depends on the material the product is made of. For a super-smooth, classic hit, you probably want to stick with glass pipes. But if you’re looking for something more durable and cleaner friendly, silicone pipes might be for you. Metal pipes are a great in-between pipe, for seasoned and new smokers alike!

avocado pipeThemed Pipes: Themed pipes are just what they sound like: pipes designed to look like something else! These can be super fun and make great gifts! Because who doesn’t need an avocado hand pipe? Or maybe a coconut colada mini rig is more your style. You do you!

Understand Better, Smoke Better

The better you understand the different types of smoking pipes, the better your overall smoking experience can be! Find whatever works best for you. Remember to sign up for SMOKEA® rewards to get a free pipe and start building up for more free products!



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