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What are Recycle Bongs (aka Recyclers)?

 What are Recycle Bongs (aka Recyclers)?

Recycler bong, or recyclers, unfortunately are not bongs made from recycled materials, but are called recyclers based on their unique function. Instead of the water staying in the base, or just bubbling through a percolator, it travels from the base into a second chamber near the mouthpiece. As the vapor releases from the water, the water falls back down into the base to be “recycled” for the next hit. The process takes longer to explain than how it happens in real life. It cycles through fairly quick, so there’s no significant lag time.

Benefits of a Recycler

Some people buy recyclers because they look wickedly cool. Others enjoy the smooth and fresh hits they get from these pipes. Not only do recyclers have a completely unique design that leaves room for artistic style, but the scientific design filters, cools, and preserves each hit for high-quality sessions every time. Since the vapor travels with the water until the last possible second, it doesn’t have time to go stale before inhalation. Most recyclers also come equipped with a splashguard to prevent accidental swallowing of bong water.

If you are ultra-passionate about filtration, you can even find a few designs that include built-in percolators for extra smoothness. Most users find that recyclers provide enough filtration as it is, but percs have their place too. Typically, the more filtration, the more a user is able to pull in with each hit.

Since these pipes prevent flavor loss and maximize on filtration, many users prefer them as dabbing rigs for their concentrates. If you are planning on using it in this way, look for a recycler with a removable bowl that you can switch out for a complimentary nail. You can also find mini rig recyclers that are already designed for dabbing and are small enough for travel.

Recycler Designs

The most common design of recycler is called the External Recycler. This is where the bottom chamber and top chamber sit one above the other and the arm linking the two loops around the outside. Typically, there is only one arm for the water to travel through to the upper chamber, but you can also find recyclers with eight arms.

The second type of design is called in Internal Recycler, or Incycler. As the name implies, the incycler keeps everything internal. The design looks like an inverted coke bottle inside of the main chamber. This helps protect the glass, while providing the same benefits as a regular recycler would.

The last type of design is called the Klein Recycler. The main body is like the incycler in that the two chambers are inside one another. However, the drain tube is the piece that loops outside of the body of the pipe instead of the up-tube like on regular recyclers.


All in all, recyclers are quickly becoming a favorite amongst regular users. Although their price points are a little higher than some of the cheaper designs, the quality of filtration, coolness, and flavor preservation makes the investment worth it for many.

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