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Which Piece is Right for Me? A Convenient Guide

 Which Piece is Right for Me? A Convenient Guide

So there you are, stepping through the doorway into a shop, faced with a multitude of options as to what to get to enjoy your favorite blend. There’s twisted glass with loops and strange appendages like something out of a mad scientist’s lab, cases with various replications of soda cans and asthma inhalers, a full wall of multicolored wraps and papers, and of course rows and rows of spoons, bubblers, steamrollers and chillums. What’s a consumer to do?

A lot of what will help determine what the best product for you depends on a few different things: the style of your blend, your ambitions with said piece (out and about, home use, party animal) and your price range. There are selections to fit all of these, and I’ll help break them down for you.

  • Hitter Box/Dugout: The dugout is great for a multitude of reasons: it stores your flower and your piece in a convenient package, it’s quick and simple to use, and it’s easy to manage your intake. As far as conserving and being great for use at home or on the go these are tough to beat. You can typically get a decent setup for around $10-15.
  • Spoon: Another classic. The spoon is an essential piece for the everyday smoker. They vary in size, shape, and depth, and are great for party situations or spending an evening at home. Plus you get to watch more color develop in the glass with use over time. A decent one will run you $10-20.
  • Water Pipe: I’m kind of hit or miss on these. While effective, they’re not very conservative and are hard to transport effectively without worrying about breakage. That being said, they pack a punch and can be lots of fun when hanging out with friends. Pro Tip: Fill the neck with ice for a cool blast when enjoying. You can get a little guy for around $25 or so all the way up to 2 or 3 foot monstrosities in the hundreds of dollars.
  • Vaporizer: These are typically on the more expensive end, but are definitely worth it. Tobacco vaporizers heat up your product without burning it the way smoking does, allowing you to inhale the essence without the smoke. They work likewise for essential oils, although there won’t be a remainder with those as there is with the dry tobacco style ones. You can get a smaller pen version in the $19-40 range or a fancy setup that facilitates multiple styles of product or group settings for $120 and up.
  • Wraps/Papers: Ah, the good old days. There’s a gigantic universe of flavors and styles in these, and if you know how to roll them there are few things better. A pack of these shouldn’t cost you more than a buck or two, depending on brand and style.
  • Desktop Vaporizers/Rigs: I’ve only partaken with one of these a handful of times, and they are intense. The setup process is kind of a pain (a butane torch is required for some styles) but the results are hard to deny. You can snag one of these guys starting around $100 and up.

There’s a plethora of options online and at every shop. Research is your friend; look around, read reviews, and figure out what works best for you. Don’t be scared to get creative either, if nothing on this list strikes your fancy then invent something, patent it, and retire at 25. Science!

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