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Why You Should Invest in a Recycler

 Why You Should Invest in a Recycler

At a little higher price point than many other water pipes, recyclers offer much more than just a cooler design. Today users can find the recycler model in both dry herb water pipes and concentrate rigs; so, no matter what you like to use, you can enjoy the benefits from a recycler. Recyclers can look intimidating at first, but are actually pretty fun once you get the hang of them.

What are Recyclers?

Recyclers are double-chambered pipes that carry the smoke with the water through the piece until right before you’re ready to inhale. Then, the water falls back down to the base to repeat the process. Since the smoke is in the water the whole time, it’s less likely to become stale before inhalation. This provides users with beautifully flavored hits every time. The water also cools the smoke for much smoother hits than a typical water pipe. For those who enjoy both cooled and smooth hits that taste great, a recycler is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleanings will help your recycler stay in top shape and allow for the purest flavor experience every time. Luckily, cleaning a recycler is a bit easier than normal since the constant flow of water through the device helps keep it cleaner while in use. Most of the residue will just flow with the water. Because of this, you will need to rinse out your water after every session. But, who doesn’t do that anyway? For deeper cleans, you can clean out the arm and the base with a pipe cleaner or small brush. For the rest of the pipe, you can use the same basic cleaning techniques you would use with a regular water pipe.

Recyclers on Smokea

Currently there are a limited amount of dry herb recycler designs currently listed on the site but our selection is constantly growing. These include Grav Labs’ hourglass design, and a few heady Empire Glassworks mini recyclers. Each of the Empire designs also features a bent mouthpiece, making hits far easier to accomplish. Smokea’s own design, the 8-Arm Recycler, also includes a bent mouthpiece along with a barrel style percolator to create an extra level of smoothness. All of these recyclers have removable bowls that users can switch out with a banger or nail to transform in into a dabbing rig. Dabbers can also find mini recycler rigs crafted by Smokea on our site.


Whether you prefer herb or concentrates, a recycler will give you the coolest, smoothest hits you will ever experience with a water pipe. Since the construction of the recycler already filters the smoke through the entire journey from the base to the mouthpiece, users generally discover they don’t need to add extra percs to achieve the smooth hits they crave. Although recyclers tend to run in a higher price range, a basic design can be just as affordable as other non-recycler water pipes. For the price, you can’t beat the filtration or the smoothness, so that’s why we love our recycler pipes!

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