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Best Bongs Under $100

 Best Bongs Under $100

A good bong doesn’t have to break the bank. While quality of materials, artistic flair, and number of accessories dramatically increase for bongs priced over $100, there are still plenty of great options below this price point. Users may be pleasantly surprised at the number of quality pieces they can find in their price range. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite affordable bong options for any budget.

Noble Glass Bongs, $50 - $90. If you don’t want to sacrifice artistic design for a piece under $100, check out these Noble Glass bongs. There are several colors and variations available, so everyone can find a style they enjoy. With options including standard and glass on glass designs, these glass bongs gives users that heady feel without blowing the budget.

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Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong, $70. If you don’t mind swapping your glass for a different material, you might be interested in a wide range of silicone pipes from Eyce. Not only does the Eyce Beaker Bong come with a built-in ice pinch and glass bowl, but it also has a secret stash jar in the base. The silicone material makes this pipe nearly indestructible against accidental drops, but still provides the strong hits users are used to. For the price, this piece includes more accessories than what you would find with another similar pipe on the market.

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Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong, $35. This portable silicone water pipe is by far the easiest to store, pack, and take with you on the go. Its healthcare-grade silicone structure makes it indestructible, but also bendable for compact storage. This 8-inch water pipe folds down to fit easily inside of a pocket or purse and is also available in a "Big RuB" 12" Rull-uh-Bowl for only $60. For its price, this water pipe is the best party, travel, and camping device there is. The best part is, it’s also dishwasher safe!

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Acrylic Bongs, $14 - $84. Users who are not set on glass bongs may be interested in trying the much more affordable selection of acrylic bongs. From well known brands such as Graffix and Headway, Smokea offers a wide selection of shapes, sizes and color of acrylic pipes. Acrylic pipes still offer a smooth smoking experience and tend to be more durable than most glass products. Ranging from a simple Headway 6" Acrylic Bong to Headway Big Boy Bongs ranging from 3 - 6 feet tall, acrylic pipes are some of our most popular products.

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Glowfly Glass Bongs, $26 - $74. Not all cheap bongs are made of plastic. Glowfly Glass offers a wide range of bongs that are packed with features and won't break the bank. From the Double Bubble Bong featuring a portable size and standard slide to the 14" Icer Bubble Bong featuring a glass on glass slide and glass base. Weather your new to using water pipes or just want to save some money, with Glowfly Glass you can find USA made bong that's perfect for you.

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Smokea Bongs, $60 - $72. Smokea brand bongs are a great way to save some extra cash. If you're not set on American made glass, Smokea Glass provides high quality imported glass designs at affordable prices. Perc lovers can also find a great water pipe to fit their budgets. The Birdcage Beaker Bong features the uniquely styled birdcage percolator and a bent mouthpiece to make taking hits even easier. Users can effortlessly transform this water pipe into a rig by replacing the bowl with their favorite banger. In you're looking for a more traditional style waterpipe, Smokea's single and double perc waterpipes are a great, basic option that are loaded with features and are extremely affordable.

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Don't see something you like here? Don't worry that's not all there is to offer. Smokea offers a wide range of affordable bongs and we are always expanding our selection. For your convenience we've curated a collection of all bongs available for under $100. Take a look and find the new, perfect bong for you.

Bongs Under $100

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