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Travel Tips for Smokers

 Travel Tips for Smokers

Whether you’re planning a two-week vacation to another country, or you’re just taking a hike up a nearby trail, don’t forget to pack your smoking essentials to take with you. Besides product and a storage case, there are several items some users overlook when traveling with their supplies. Take a look at our list of travel essentials every smoker should take with them on their journey.


Don’t be cliché and carry your product in a baggie if you’re traveling somewhere other than your friend’s house. Instead, invest in a storage container when you’re on the go. Remember, it is illegal to bring federally illegal substances through the airport, no matter which state you’re traveling to or from. Some smoking accessories can also be confiscated if too obvious, no matter if they are in a checked bag or a carry-on.

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The worst is when have everything you need for a quality session, and you forgot the grinder. Now your fingers are sticky and smelly from crudely picking apart your herb before smoking through a low-quality session. Don’t forget your grinder! Some can even double as a storage container as well, like the Medtainer or Chewy Chube. If you don’t own your own grinder yet, take a look at our article here on grinders before making a purchase.

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Papers and/or Discreet Pipe

You’re going to need something to smoke with, so decide whether you want rolling papers or a pipe. There are some pipes now that don’t even look like pipes at all, like the Monkey Pipes. If you can’t live without water filtration, but your water pipe is too large to pack with you, try a spubbler. They combine the portability of a spoon pipe with the filtration power of a full-sized water pipe. Plus, they’re spill proof, so they are great for travel. Typically rolling papers and traditional tobacco pipes won’t be confiscated, but bring anything else and you may be taking a chance. Don’t transport anything you can’t stand to lose.

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Cleaner and Cotton Swabs

Vacation isn’t the time for getting all gross with your pipe. If you don’t have access to some basic cleaning supplies where you’re staying, make sure you pack some with you. Pipe cleaners and cleaning solutions are all necessary cleaning tools to have on the go. Plus, you’re going to want to thoroughly clean your device before taking it back through the airport. Or, you can tough it out with rolling papers and forget the mess of a pipe!

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Water Bottle

One for you, one for your water pipe. You may find you are more dehydrated if you travel to a place of a higher elevation than where you’re used to, and smoking will just compound the issue. You’ll also want an extra bottle for your water pipe, especially if you are traveling to a region with questionable or no water supply.

Leave Your Vaporizer at Home

Vaporizers are great, but there are some strict laws out there when it comes to traveling with them. The battery can be seen as a potential hazard to some strict TSA agents. However, if there are no remnants of smoking material in it, they will generally pass through just fine. Still, if you don’t want to deal with confiscation, you can find vaporizer rentals in places like Portland, Denver, and California.

Knowledge of Local Laws

If you are traveling outside of the country, be aware of their laws involving various products and devices. Some countries, like Japan, China, and Indonesia, have serious jail time punishments for offenders. There are some places that just aren’t worth the risk. So, arm yourself with understanding before you travel!

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