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What Is Bob Marley's Rise Up Movement?

 What Is Bob Marley's Rise Up Movement?

Rise Up™ is a global movement of entrepreneurs who are striving to make a difference in the local environment. According to its founders, the initiative’s projects are based on creating “positive social change, environmental sustainability, and lifting up communities that have been harmed by the social injustices of cannabis prohibition.”

As vocal supporters of social change, Rise Up prioritises Jamaica, but it also has a worldwide vision. The Rise Up Movement honours the legacy of musician Bob Marley by challenging false beliefs about cannabis. By purchasing Rise Up Movement products, you are supporting and investing in the following causes.


Rise Up’s major partnership with crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving gives non-profit charities access to the support, training and the tools necessary to pursue their missions that will uplift and transform the world.

While supporting environmental projects for positive impact is the first step, the Rise Up movement also backs a range of other inspiring causes to create lasting change in Jamaica.

Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary

Another major project the movement supports is a fish sanctuary started by the Oracabessa Fishermen's Group. Their mission is to support the sustainable livelihood of local fishermen by restocking endangered fish in Oracabessa Bay, where they’ve designated a “no fishing zone.”

As fish biomass and coral has notably increased over the past four years, algae has also significantly decreased. Other projects include snorkelling to raise funds for this project and to assist with programs that can protect the coral reef and sea turtles.

Farm Up Jamaica Ltd.

This non-profit organization assists farmers to make positive strides towards cultivating organic, affordable, and nutritious food. Their mission is to inspire future generations to take up farming.

Since its creation in 2013, Farm Up helps farmers grow organic, non-GMO, high-quality produce. Their goal is to reduce the import of foreign produce and create more jobs for emerging agriculture students and local Jamaican farmers.

Farm Up assists both local and international markets, providing seeds, harvesting, and food transportation to buyers, amongst other initiatives. The organization’s main focus is on climate-smart biodiversity and advancement for the Jamaican economy.

Golden Valley Farmer’s Group

Golden Valley’s primary goal is supporting local farmers by creating a dedicated community of people committed to agricultural investment. Their main vision in the long term is to provide agricultural training for young farmers and community members. The group works in an area long associated with coffee and cocoa production, but they seek to raise a new crop: bees.

Golden Valley provides members with new income opportunities through tasks such as honey harvesting and wax processing, along with roles in sales, marketing and packaging. They support local bee farming while creating an expanding, climate-friendly enterprise that provides new jobs for promoting local economic growth.

Bob Marley continues to be remembered not just as a musician, but as an outspoken proponent of justice and the spiritual properties of cannabis. Rise Up continues his legacy by promoting sustainable economic growth in his homeland and around the world.

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