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Blog — Pipes

A Song of Glass and Fire: A History

A Song of Glass and Fire: A History 0

I don’t know about you, but history fascinates me. There are things we use everyday that have unique, interesting backgrounds and storied origins. Some even have controversial beginnings, like the War of the Currents between Tesla and Edison, or the invention of the intermittent wiper-blade (I know that sounds boring but it’s worth reading about, Ford and Chrysler combined had to pay over $40 million to this inventor for basically stealing his idea.) Naturally, I began to wonder where the spoons and pipes we all know and love started. As much as I love to picture Ancient Greeks passing around a Zeus-shaped bong complete with a lightning-shaped arm/bowl, I’d have to assume that most glassworks came from more humble beginnings.

Want To Smoke Like an Astronaut?

Want To Smoke Like an Astronaut? 0

I don’t mean like in a space shuttle with Tang and clever references to old Bowie songs. I mean with anti-gravity. Some of you may be having ‘Nam style flashbacks to five-gallon buckets filled to the brim with water while someone clumsily volcanoes a whole bowl of flowers hastily jammed into the top of a crudely cut milk jug. Fear not my friends; I speak of improved technology.