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Top 10 On-The-Go Pipes

Top 10 On-The-Go Pipes 0

Smoking at home is a bit different from smoking on-the-go. In this blog post you will find our list for the top 10 on-the-go pipes featuring some of our best sellers alongside a few pipes we are spotlighting because we think they are pretty neat.
History of Phil Jergenson: Creator of the Original Proto Pipe and Mendo Pipe

History of Phil Jergenson: Creator of the Original Proto Pipe and Mendo Pipe 0

If you’ve been smoking with hand pipes for awhile now, you may have come across a couple of unique designs created by legendary pipe maker Phil Jergenson. His first invention was the Proto Pipe, which he designed and produced in the 1960’s. Though there have been imitation pipes circulated throughout the years, none come close to the quality and craftmanship of the original design.
The History of GRAV

The History of GRAV 0

Their products being a staple amongst many online smoke shop retailers today, GRAV (formerly GRAV Labs) began as pet project for founder Dave Daily, who would have never expected his first invention would spawn a multi-million dollar company.

Smoking Essentials for Summer 2018

Smoking Essentials for Summer 2018 0

It’s summertime, which means you’re probably taking advantage of your 90 days of warmth and freedom already. Plants are blooming, sunshine is peeking out from between the clouds, and adventures are calling your name. To help get you ready for all of your excursions this summer, we have created a list of our top smoking essentials for the season. You won’t want to leave your house without them!

How Do Bongs Work Scientifically?

How Do Bongs Work Scientifically? 0

Do you ever wonder how just adding a bit of water to a bong drastically impacts the overall smoothness and coolness of your hits compared to dry hand pipes? The answer is simple—science! Every time your light your herb and take a drag, the principles of chemistry are hard at work. We’ll take you step by step through how your bong works scientifically, which gives you those super smooth hits you love.

Best Bongs Under $100

Best Bongs Under $100 0

A good bong doesn’t have to break the bank. While quality of materials, artistic flair, and number of accessories dramatically increase for bongs priced over $100, there are still plenty of great options below this price point. Users may be pleasantly surprised at the number of quality pieces they can find in their price range. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite affordable bong options for any budget.