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Benefits of Water Pipes vs Dry Pipes

 Benefits of Water Pipes vs Dry Pipes

Dry hand pipes have many merits. For one, they are easy to store, load, and use on the go. However, water pipes provide many benefits that dry hand pipes can never offer. Let’s explore some of these benefits below.

Beginner Friendly

First of all, water pipes are a lot less harsh than dry hand pipes, which can be easier for beginners to transition into smoking with. The water cools the smoke and makes it much easier for breathing in. Users can also add ice to some water pipes that have an ice pinch, like the ones found here, to add further cooling to each hit. The ice pinch helps keep the water clear and the ice above the base so it’s easier to dump and clean afterward.


Not only does the water cool the smoke, but it also helps filter out harmful toxins as well. Burning any substance will produce carcinogens, but the water binds to many of these toxins and leaves the smoke virtually cancer-free. Of course, you must use clean water each time and clean your water pipe after each use to ensure the best results. For users wanting an even smoother hit than just water can provide, there are many percolators on the market that divide the water to allow for more surface area interaction with the smoke itself. Percolators are typically built-in to water pipes these days, like this these found here. However, users can still add an ash catcher attachment that includes a percolator to their standard water pipes for extra smoothness. Just make sure you choose an attachment that fits the size, gender, and angle of your water pipe.

Many Options

There are tons of options when it comes to water pipes. Whether users prefer large, mini, glass, acrylic, percolated, or standard, there’s a water pipe to fit their exact needs. Various attachments also allow users to use their water pipes for more than one substance. For instance, water pipes can be transformed into dab rigs with the simple addition of a dab nail or banger in place of the flower bowl. Instead of purchasing multiple pieces, this can be a cost-effective purchase for many users.

Hybrids Available

Luckily, there are also options available for the users who love the portability of hand pipes, but also prefer the smoothness and filtration capabilities of water pipes. Thanks to a few clever designs, there are hand pipes that incorporate water for a best-of-both-worlds scenario. There are, of course, bubblers, which have a unique design in and of themselves. However, newer designs have been popping up looking more like standard hand pipes, only with an aqua twist. Take the Pocket Bubbler for instance. It looks just like a spoon pipe but includes a water-filled handle for smoothing out the smoke before inhalation. There are also percolated “spubbler pipes” now for the ultimate filtered hand pipe experience. If you enjoy hand pipes but wish you had the filtration capabilities of a water pipe, you can pick yourself up one of these hybrid designs to satisfy all your smoking desires.

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  • Abbigail Montgomery