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Grinders 101: The Complete Guide

 Grinders 101: The Complete Guide

For regular users, grinders are a must-have tool to help achieve a smooth and tasty joint. Just like a pestle and mortar, grinders serve a similar purpose. Earlier before that, two different-sized rocks were used to execute the grinding. This was not an easy to do process since portability was a huge constraint. However, advancements in technology have brought forth tools to make work exceptionally easier.

What is a Grinder?

As the term suggests, a grinder is a simple contraption used to grind or break down herb into small bits. The broken sizes are then rolled up in a paper for a smooth smoke. Grinders first joined the smoking industry in the early 1960's. At this time, one had to regularly empty and clean the grinder once overloaded since it lacked a separation chamber. Presently grinders are equipped with two or three compartments inclusive of fine screens. This separation allows for the collection of kief at the bottom. With many types of grinders to choose, from hand cracked to electric, this tool is not just an accessory.

How do I use it?

A new four-chamber grinder is composed of four compartments: A grinder lid, grinder teeth piece, herb chamber and the kief (aka pollen) collecting chamber. When assembling the grinder, screw the weed chamber over the kief collecting chamber followed by the teeth bit. Then place the lid over the top. The best kind of grinder is made of either zinc or aluminum. Now to the nitty-gritty of how to use the grinder:

Step 1:

After removing the lid from the grinder, break up the herb into small buds and place it in the teeth chamber. Always ensure even distribution of the pieces of the teeth is done. Be cautious not to put the buds at the grinder teeth center. This is because the part is a magnet used for holding the lid in place. Setting buds at the center will prevent the lid from closing, thereby rendering the exercise arduous. Do not overfill the grinder as tempting as it may be.

Step 2:

Place the lid over the teeth grinder and for the magnet to hold it in place. After that is done, spin the top both clockwise and counter-clockwise 6 to 8 times. At first, resistance will be felt due to the crushing. The resistance then eases up as the grinding process continues, a sign of thorough grinding. It is also advisable to turn the grinder upside down, to achieve a finer grind.

Step 3:

After achieving a fine grind, twist off the teeth chamber to reveal the herb chamber. At this point, the buds are ready to be vaporized or smoked. Place a coin on the screen of the weed chamber and shake it. The coin's weight results in the remaining kief to fall into the chamber.

Step 4:

Gently twist the flower and kief chamber until they both become apart to reveal the kief chamber. Kief consist of the smallest particles in your herb and make adding it to a regular bowl even stronger.

Cleaning the grinder is an equally important activity that prevents build up and stickiness. To avoid locking up, ensure clean-up is done after use by using alcohol, salt, and a brush. If the sticky part is irredeemable, it is advisable to get a new one.

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  • Abbigail Montgomery